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I have been looking at my teeth and noticing how crooked a couple of my bottom teeth are. I wore braces on my teeth for several years and then a retainer, but like many kids often do, I lost the retainer (and A couple of replacement ones as well)  and then over the years saw my bottom teeth go back to what they had looked like before. Undoubtedly, many people have similar experiences. With many of the advancements in dental care that have developed, I have been looking more into Invisalign and trying to do a little homework on whether braces or Invisalign would work better.

Braces are more effective when it comes to complex issues like rotating teeth, or needing to move teeth vertically. Once braces are on, they are on. There is no temptation to take them out or leave them out, because you can’t. On the other side, you may experience pain/discomfort from the brackets and wires or from the movement of your teeth. It is also possible to have some tooth discoloration from the brackets and eating anything sticky (like caramel, taffy, or gum) is discouraged since it can pull brackets off the tooth.

Invisalign is going work well for people that want simple corrections, like closing a gap between teeth or moving teeth horizontally. They have some nice pros, like being clear (Invisible) and removable, which means you are able to eat what you want, when you want. However, because it is removable, the patient is going to need to be disciplined and ready to wear it all day (until meal time or when drinking anything, except for water).

It seems that both have their pros and cons, and in some cases either course of treatment could be used. There are cases, however, where only braces will be able to realign your teeth. Your Dentist and your Dental Assistant are going to be the best people to consult when debating on which method would be more appropriate, but it is always good to go in knowing a few facts before hand.

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