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In catching up with an old friend the other day, she mentioned that her 2 year old had to get crowns put on her two front teeth and that it was a bit of a nerve rattling process since she was unfamiliar with the procedure, and even more so on why it would be performed on a toddler in the first place. This seemed to be a great discussion topic for parents/guardians alike, since it’s not something considered to be common knowledge.

Routine dental checkups are the first step to keeping the your children’s teeth healthy. Pediatric offices typically will have very kid friendly environment, supportive Dental Assistants, and caring staff to help both you and your child feel more at ease. As the Dentist and Dental Assistant check your child’s teeth, a crown may be an option in treatment if the tooth or teeth in question have a large amount of decay (cavity) or the tooth/teeth haven’t developed as expected. In any instance, the procedure can typically be performed in one day.

Be sure to talk about local anesthetic and sedation, see what the Dentist and/or your child’s doctor recommends as well. Once the procedure has been completed, your child may feel a bit of discomfort for the day, but should be gone after that. If your child’s mouth/teeth are bothering them for 3 or more days, it’s best to call the Dentist or the Dental Assistant and let them know. Small children that receive this procedure are recommended to visit their dentist 4 times a year due to the high cavity risks.

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