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Most commonly asked questions answered by actual teachers
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If you are considering becoming a Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, or Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, you probably have a lot of questions about the program, career and what it involves.  Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.  If you cannot find the answers you are looking for please fill out an online form and one of our expert admissions representatives will contact you soon.
Do you offer financial aid?
We do have financial aid for those who qualify.
What is the length of your program?
This depends on the program of interest.  For Dental Assisting day classes, 7 months including a 300 hour externship.  For Dental Assisting night classes, 9 months including the externship.  For Medical Assisting, it’s 10 months total including a 160 hour externship built into the 4th term. Both tracks of our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program are 2 years.  Our Biomedical Equipment Technician program last for 2 years. For a complete list, click on the schedule tab on the menu bar above.
Am I required to get certified?
Kentucky does not require either Dental or Medical Assistants to be Certified or Registered. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are required to be certified to practice. MedQuest College prepares you fully for the certification exam.
Are you an accredited college?
Yes!  MedQuest College is institutionally accredited by ABHES, the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.
Do you accept credits from other schools?
MedQuest College will review possible transferable credits on a case-by-case basis.  A course catalog, along with transcripts from the previous institution, must be presented to the Director of Education and Program Chair for consideration.
Will you help me find employment once I graduate?
Yes.  Before you graduate you will learn how to create a resume, professional portfolio and develop a 30-60 second personal commercial so you are very well prepared for interviews.  All graduates receive Job Placement Assistance for the remainder of their career. For more information visit our Career Services tab.
I already have my CPR verification. Will I have to retake the course?
It is included in the program.  You will not have to retake CPR classes as long as it does not expire while enrolled in the program.
Can I complete my externship in a specialty office?
Dental Assisting students will complete 300 externship hours. Of the 300 hours, at least 180 hours must be completed in a general dentistry practice. After the minimum requirement for general dentistry practice is met, students have the option to complete their remaining hours in a specialty office or continue in general dentistry.


Medical Assisting students will complete 160 externship hours. Generally, students will complete all 160 hours in the same office.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography students will complete 1320 clinical externship hours across 4 terms.

Can I complete my Medical Assisting Externship in a hospital?
No. Externship sites are comprised of doctors offices and immediate care centers.
What if I want to work in another state after graduation?
Dental Assistants can take the Dental Assisting National Board or DANB, which will allow you to work anywhere after graduation and 1 (one) year of on-the-job work experience. For more information about the DANB, please visit www.danb.org.  If you have less than 1 (one) year of work experience, you will need to research that state for a description of their requirements.

For Medical Assistants, while every state has its own guidelines related to medical assisting the registered Medical Assistant Certification is recognized by all 50 states.

For Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, while every office has its own preferences, the credentials you will earn are recognized by all 50 states.

How much of the program is hands on?
70% of our Medical and Dental programs are hands on which provides our students with the most realistic situations.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program awards an Associate Degree of Applied Science to our graduates. Due to the advanced and technical nature of this career, roughly 50 % of time will be spent in a hands-on environment.

Do the students use each other to practice procedures?
Yes.  Students are encouraged to pair up with their classmates when necessary so you can become familiar with real-life situations.
What if I have test anxiety?
Test anxiety is not uncommon.  Your instructor will provide you with study materials and a library of resources for hands on studying. You should speak with your instructor to work out accommodations to fit your needs.
How will I be prepared for the Registered Medical Assistant Exam?
During the last quarter of the program you will have a class devoted to review all major skills and concepts learned including two online practice exams.

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