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Dental Patient Care Clinic

Student Testimonials


Are you looking for an affordable dental cleaning? Then look no further! Our Dental Patient Care Clinic has appointments available so you can get your cleaning at a fraction of the cost!Our dental hygiene students perform these services while licensed instructors carefully oversee them.  Scheduling your appointment is easy, call us at 502-242-0068 or email us at dentalhygiene@medquestcollege.edu and we will be happy to get you booked for your cleaning!


Student Testimonials


  • Patient appointments are scheduled at either 8:30am on Tuesdays or Thursdays or at 1:00pm on Wednesdays.
  • Each appointment is three hours. 
  • You will need to plan to be in the clinic for 3½ hours. 
  • Parking is provided, free of charge.


Student Testimonials


  • Health History Evaluation 
  • Dental History Evaluation
  • Dental Exam 
  • Hard/Soft Tissue Exam 
  • Oral Cancer Screening 
  • X-rays, if needed 
  • Dental Cleaning 
  • Polishing and Fluoride Treatment


Student Testimonials


  • Pediatric Patients (0-age 10) – $20
  • Adolescent and Adult (age 11+) – $30 
  • MedQuest College Employees and Students – $20

*Payment is due at the first appointment.

Student Testimonials



MedQuest College’s Dental Hygiene Program is committed to providing quality dental care for you. The treatment you receive at the patient care clinic will require more and longer appointments because your dental care is continuously evaluated by faculty to assure appropriateness and quality. The dental appointment reserves time not only for you but for faculty, staff and a student dental hygienist whose progress is dependent on you. The time reserved for you is unavailable to others needing care. Failing an appointment without notice, will result in no further appointments scheduled for you. If you must reschedule an appointment, please provide 48 hours notice. 

There is no guarantee that you will only need one appointment, although you will only pay once per treatment period. Because the treatment is conducted by dental hygiene students, the above exams take longer and are checked by licensed hygienists and dentists. Therefore, you must be prepared to return to the patient care clinic for additional appointments, in order to complete treatment. It is very important that you keep all of your scheduled appointments, not only for your dental health but also in consideration of the student doing the treatments, because the student’s grade is dependent on the patients they treat. 

Ready to book your cleaning appointment? Give us a call at 502-242-0068 to book your next cleaning! 

Student Testimonials


MedQuest College Dental Hygiene Clinic
10400 Linn Station Road, Suite 221
Louisville, KY 40223


Contact Samantha Wright, Administrative/Clinical Assistant, for any additional information at 502-242-0068 or dentalhygiene@medquestcollege.edu.

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