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Biomedical Technician Program

Sonography School

Associate Degree of Applied Science

What is Diagnostic Medical Sonography?

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, often called Ultrasound, uses high-frequency waves to generate images of different organs and blood vessels inside the body.  As an imaging process, ultrasound has a very specific use by providing information that x-ray or other radiologic methods cannot.

What does a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer do?

The Cardiovascular Sonography program offered at MedQuest College provides our students with the option to pursue an Associate Degree in Cardiac Sonography or Vascular Sonography. Cardiac Sonography is ultrasound used to produce images of the anatomy of a patient’s heart chambers, walls, valves and blood vessels.  Vascular Sonography is ultrasound used to produce images of the patient’s veins and arteries. Images provided by the sonographer are used by the physician to diagnose and treat various conditions.

Responsibilities that our graduates are able to perform when they begin their new career as a Cardiac Sonographer

• Produce real-time images of cardiac structures to assist the physician in diagnosing cardiovascular disease
• Evaluating cardiac abnormalities and associated complications
• Tracking and evaluating chronic heart conditions
• Evaluating narrowed or leaking heart valves
• Looking for causes of murmurs, chest pain or shortness or breath

Responsibilities that our graduates are able to perform when they begin their new career as a Vascular Sonographer

• Monitoring blood flow
• Identifying blockages
• Locating blood clots, tumors aneurysms and other blood vessel abnormalities
• Determining if angioplasty is a viable treatment option
• Assessing outcome of a bypass or graft of blood vessels

Where do Diagnostic Medical Sonographers work?

Cardiovascular Sonographers, also known as Ultrasound Technicians perform ultrasound in a variety of settings, working with patients of all ages, who range from healthy to critically ill, both in and out of the hospital.  We prepare our students to work with all types of patients in facilities ranging from large hospitals to small outpatient clinics.
• Hospitals
• Physician Offices
• Diagnostic Laboratories
• Outpatient Clinics
• Mobile Ultrasound Companies

MedQuest Ultrasound students share their experience in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. 

Externship and Career Services at MedQuest College


Prior to graduation, students are required to complete an externship under the guidance of area experts. During this externship, students will refine the skills learned on campus as well as input actual claims.

Career Services

Our Career Services Director provides assistance to graduating students and alumni that include instruction in resume writing, preparation of cover letters, interviewing techniques and networking skills. The college provides job placement assistance for its graduates. Alumni in good standing may continue to use any and all placement resources indefinitely at no charge.


The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is designed to prepare competent entry-level echocardiography or vascular sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. Through this program, MedQuest College seeks to graduate competent sonographers in the echocardiography or vascular modality that are qualified to perform a variety of standard and specialized diagnostic procedures. Upon completion of the program and meeting all the course requirements, students will receive an Associate Degree of Applied Science in either Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Echocardiography or Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Vascular and will be eligible to take the primary pathway certification and registry through The Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). Upon successful completion of the national examination, students will obtain the credential Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) or Registered Vascular Specialist (RVS).

Program Effectiveness Outcomes for 2022 Echocardiography Sonography Graduates

Cohort 1 40% 100% CCI – 100%
Cohort 2 62% 100% CCI – 100%
ARDMS – 100%

Program Effectiveness Outcomes for 2022 Vascular Sonography Graduates

Cohort 1 62% 100% CCI – 100%
ARDMS – 100%
Cohort 2 40% 100% CCI – 67%


The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program offered at MedQuest College offers flexible schedules for our students. You can choose blended learning, which consists of completing courses in both online and on-campus settings, or you can choose to complete the program 100% on-campus.

MedQuest College has provided high-quality instruction to students in Kentucky and Indiana since 1999. By providing Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, and surrounding areas with quality programs we are able to proudly say that MedQuest College has successfully employed thousands of graduates in the medical fields. Our campuses are located in Louisville Ky and Lexington KY.  We are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), a nationally recognized accrediting body.

I would recommend MedQuest to everyone I know

I leave every day having learned something new. Every day we do something hands-on and the teachers are wonderful. Our small class sizes help to grasp the concepts better. The available technology and resources really help you to understand the dental office better. I have absolutely no complaints about this school.


– Crystal N.

MedQuest has everything you need to learn.

I love the school. I would recommend to everyone that likes small classes and really good teachers. I have learned a lot, and by the end of my classes, I will be prepared for a good job at a dental office. It is all because I was well-prepared by the instructors. It has everything you need to learn.


– Isasia B.

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