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Students will tell you it’s the Faculty and Staff that make the MedQuest College experience so unique, special and successful for them. We pride ourselves on having a world-class roster of Faculty and a Staff that make our students feel at home and part of the MedQuest family during the weeks of study and practical “hands on” learning they receive at the school. Learn more about the talented people we are pleased to have that are the life of our programs here at MedQuest College two campus locations in Louisville and Lexington KY.

Bruce Kepley,

Robin Boughey, Executive Director Louisville Campus

Lee Bowling, Executive Director Lexington Campus

Tom Cropper, Community Outreach Lexington and Louisville Campus

Biomedcial Technology Faculty

Dr. Marwa Ismail – Biomedical Equipment Technology Program Director, Louisville

Angeline Davis – Instructor, Louisville

Brian Jochim – Instructor, Louisville

Stefany Myers – Instructor, Louisville

Sandra Stegall – Instructor, Louisville

Cardiovascular Sonography Faculty

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff nAmy Lawrence – Program Director, Lexington – Amy was born in the northeast in a small town located in Vermont. As an undergraduate Amy received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work where she worked in the field for a year before moving to Florida where she pursued a certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from the Florida Institute of Ultrasound located in Pensacola, FL. Upon program completion Amy relocated to Vermont where she worked at the University of Vermont Medical Center as a Medical Sonography and then transferred to Cardiology where she completed her time there as a Cardiac Sonography. Upon job acceptance at MedQuest College, Amy completed her graduate studies in Healthcare Administration. Amy is experienced in teaching allied health students in the college setting, administering clinical education to students, working as a research coordinator

Adam Banks – Instructor, Lexington

Lisa Raymond RVT (ARDMS) – Instructor, Lexington – Lisa graduated from Saint Catherine College in 2009 with an Associate’s Degree of Science in Vascular Sonography. Lisa is a registered Vascular Technician and has worked for Baptist Hospital as an Ultrasound Technician, before working full-time at Audobon Hospital. Lisa has experience working with students in a hospital setting as they finish their clinical studies. In 2017, Lisa presented a professional case study for Norton Hospital and their cardiovascular team. 

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool StaffaGeorgetta Williams – Instructor, Lexington

Dental Assisting Faculty

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff ddCynthia Brock – Program Director, Louisville – Cynthia has over 25 years’ experience in both the medical and dental field. She is one of several highly educated and experienced Business Instructors for our Dental Assisting College. A graduate of University Of Louisville, Cynthia is always staying up to date on the latest policies and procedures within the dental industry as well as annual CE courses in Human Resources, Coding, Revenue Growth, Patient Experience, etc. When asked about working at MedQuest “I am thrilled to be in an environment where I can prepare and train students for professions in the dental field and to be in the position to give my knowledge and experiences combined with my love of dentistry to the next generation to care for our communities.” Cynthia enjoys spending time with her husband of 25 years, three children and two grandchildren as well as basking in the sun, poolside and planning my next family adventure. 

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff gCandace Owens – Program Director, Lexington – Candace has been an EDDA for over 16 years. She began her career with a periodontist, but has found a home in general dentistry; “I love the variety that it offers.” As an instructor, she loves getting to see the “ah-ha” moments when something clicks with a student. Her biggest strength is that she can almost always take a negative situation and turn it into a positive, which comes in handy when she is working with students that are struggling with a concept. Candace joined MedQuest College in 2012 and received her dental assisting training at Kentucky Tech. When she is not working, Candace enjoys spending time with friends and family. She loves to read, write, go to the movies, and most importantly, listen to 30 Seconds to Mars!

Kayla Heitzman – Dental Assisting Externship Coordinator, Louisville – After graduating from MedQuest College’s Expanded Duties Dental Assisting program, Kayla started working in pediatric dentistry as well as a general dentistry with responsibilities including assistant, event planning, front office assistant and inventory associate. In November 2015 Kayla joined the staff at MedQuest. Kayla loves to bring a sense of joy and fun to the classroom. “Most people affiliate school as a tedious and boring thing to do, but I try to change that”

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff oPatti Landberg – Instructor, Louisville – Patti spent 11 years gaining experience in dentistry; she started out as a Basic Dental Assistant, then went through EDDA training, when she accomplished that, she wanted a new challenge, so she learned all about the front office and moved up to become the Office Manager at the dental practice she was working for. ”I love having fun in my class while learning. I use props to break down barriers that students have. Many are afraid to speak in front of a crowd. But by the time they complete the program, that fear is almost gone if not completely dissipated!”


Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff mMiranda McDaniel – Instructor, Lexington



Christine Miller – Instructor, Lexington campus

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff lHeather Miller – Instructor, Louisville – Heather joined MedQuest in May 2016 as a Dental Assisting Clinical Instructor. After graduating from the Dental Assisting program at ATA College, she attended University of Louisville to complete her EDDA Certification in 2011, and received her Coronal Polishing Certification from University of Kentucky in 2012. Heather has worked in General Practice but majority of her experience is in Pediatrics.


Kelli Tinsley – Instructor, Louisville – Kelli joined our team in March 2016 after graduating from MedQuest College with all dental requirements. She has experienced working with adults and children in a dental office and when asked which she prefers, “Children. Every day it is something different and unexpected.” Kelli said her favorite “feel good” moments at MedQuest is when a student tells her that she helped them better understand something that at one time was confusing or they just didn’t get it.


Louisville Lexington Career Schoool StaffbSharon Thompson – Instructor, Lexington



Medical Asssiting Faculty

Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff iMary Murphy – Program Director, Lexington – Mary joined MedQuest College as our Lead Instructor of our Medical Assisting Program and teaches at our Lexington campus. She attended Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin and received her diploma in Medical Assisting in 1985. She also attended MedTech College where she graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Medical Assisting in 2016. Mary is credentialed through the AAMA as a Certified Medical Assistant and credentialed through the AMT as a Certified Allied Health Instructor. Before joining MedQuest College, Mary was a full time instructor as well as the Medical Assisting Program Director at MedTech College for 5 years. Prior to that position, she worked as a CMA at Baptist Family Physicians for 4 years. Mary has been a CMA for 32 years and worked in several different areas of health care in her career as a CMA. When she is not working, Mary enjoys going to movies, baking and spending time with her husband, Brian, and my 2 boys, David and Jacob. Her favorite thing about MedQuest is the smaller class sizes. “I feel that the students excel so much more in a smaller learning environment. I get to know each student on a more personal level to be able to understand their needs to help each student be successful.”

Nanette Mosser – Program Director, Louisville – Nanette began teaching at MedQuest when the Medical Assisting Program was created. She taught the first class of Medical Assistants and has seen them through to their externship; “I’m proud I was able to see them change and work hard toward their goal to be a successful medical assistant.” Nanette has been working with MedQuest College since October 2013. “My favorite thing about MedQuest College is the small class size. I like to know my students on a more personal level because it allows them to feel more comfortable asking for help; as a result, I have a better understanding of how to help them.” She obtained a degree in Nursing from Spencerian College and a degree in Healthcare Management from Ottawa University. Before joining MedQuest College, Nanette was a full-time instructor at ATA College for 7 years. Prior to that, she was a nurse and Staff Development Manager for Signature Healthcare for 14 years. When she is not at work, Nanette enjoys going to the movies, shopping and spending time with her husband, Gerry, and children: Ethan (12) and Emily (8).

Diana Carter – Instructor, Lexington Campus

Krista Dowell – Medical Assisting Internship Coordinator, Louisville – Krista Dowell graduated from Brightwood College in 1999. Krista brings 8 years of allied health work experience with her to the MedQuest College team. Krista is certified as a Medical Billing & Coding instructor.

Angie Fuller – Medical Assisting Externship Coordinator, Lexington

Jennifer Guest – Instructor, Louisville – Jennifer Guest joined MedQuest College in 2017 as an Instructor for our Comprehensive Medical Assisting program.

April Hagans – Instructor, Lexington

Aaron Taylor – Instructor, Louisville

Medical Billing & Coding Faculty

Carol McDonald – Program Director, Lexington & Louisville

Adjunct Faculty

Miranda Aebersold – Instructor, Lexington – Before joining the MedQuest College team, Miranda worked in primary care settings, serving all ages. Miranda graduated from Spencerian College in 2011, where she received her CMA. 

Debbie Compton – Instructor, Lexington

Erica Davis – Instructor, Lexington

Joseph Dawson – Instructor, Lexington & Louisville – My name is Joseph Dawson, and I am honored to have served in the field of Education for nearly 30 years. I possess a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, Louisville Lexington Career Schoool Staff yand have served as an administrator, instructor, middle and high school teacher, coach, and college recruiter. Being a college instructor for twelve years, I’ve enjoyed teaching Introduction to Education, Teaching Diverse Populations, College Success, Freshman Study Skills, Medical Math, and Educational Methods both in person and on line. Sports are a passion of mine. Football, baseball, and basketball, to name a few. Upon graduating from University of Central Florida where I lettered in Baseball, I had the opportunity to play in the minor leagues with the Minnesota Twins and the Kansas City Royals, as well as having the privilege to play baseball in Japan and Korea. Today, I am married to my best friend Laura. We have five wonderful children, three of whom seem to have it too good that they refuse to leave! I enjoy exercising at the gym, and walking our dog Jackie. My wife and I love to take her to bark parks where she can run and play freely with the other dogs. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, reading spy books, and watching Ohio State football and University of Kentucky basketball games.

Kivi Dzaringa – Instructor, Louisville – Kivi graduated with a Bacehlor’s of Science in Education and minor in Physics from the National University of Congo in 1993. In 2018, Kivi receive a second Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering. Kivi has been teaching mach and science since 1988, as he traveled across Africa, teaching at various schools and grade levesl. In addition to tutoring students, in his spare time, Kivi works as a karate instructor. 

Joy Finner – Instructor, Louisville

Demetria Foots – Instructor, Louisville Campus



Rhonda Grimes – Instructor, Lexington – Rhonda graduated from Kentucky State University in 1988 with a degree in Business Administration. Rhonda brings years of experience as a professional Billing & Coding Specialist and program teacher. 

Brian Jochim MSN, FMP, PNP-AC, RNFA – Instructor, Lexington & Louisville

Angela Maggard – Instructor, Lexington – Angela graduated from Morehead State University in 1991 with an Associate’s Degree in Radiology. Angela brings to MedQuest 25 years of experience in general, vascular, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Angela has been teaching for 16 years and is an excellent resource for credentialing.

Teresa McCammon – Instructor, Louisville

Julie Pope CMA, (AAMA), CPC, COC, CPMA, CPC-I  – Instructor, Louisville – Julie Pope joins the MedQuest College team after studying at Jefferson Community & Technical College and Indiana Vocational Technical College. Julie brings over 25 years of healthcare experience to the MedQuest team. In addition to being passionate about education, Julie is a certified Medical Assistant and Medical Coder. CMA, CPC, COC, CPMA and CPC-I.

Laura Wcisel – Instructor, Louisville

Ann Wilcher – Instructor, Lexington & Louisville

MedQuest College Staff

Heidi Bates – Admissions Advisor, Lexington – Heidi is currently pursing her degree in Communications and brings with her over 10 years of experience in higher education student counseling. Heidi maintains a strong passion for guiding students through the admissions process with honesty and transparency. Her experience guiding undergraduate and post-graduate students will be an asset to the MedQuest team.

Larisa Crawley – Director of Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects, Lexington & Louisville – Larisa provides a positive atmosphere to our administrative team! “I make ideas happen! I work with all the departments at MedQuest College to establish new projects and initiatives.” Her favorite thing about MedQuest is “our tight-knit community of faculty, staff, and students. It is such a joy to be a part of an awesome team. It’s easy to come and be part of a job that changes people’s lives!” Larisa began working at MedQuest in June 2013. She went to Louisville Technical Institute and earned an Associate’s Degree. Prior to joining MedQuest, Larisa taught at ATA College as an Adjunct Faculty Member, teaching multiple subjects including Computers in Healthcare and Keyboarding. When she is not working, Larisa can be found having a great time with her family! She also enjoys painting, playing board games, watching movies, and reading.

Dr. Jennie C. Denker, EdD/CI, MSN, RN – Program Director, Louisville – Dr. Denker received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Spalding University in 1997, Masters of Science in Nursing in 2002 and Doctorate in Education in 2013 f from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Denker began her career in beside nursing at Norton Healthcare, and the former Kosair Children’s Hospital, pediatric critical care (PICU). From the PICU, she became one of the first nurses on the critical care float team working in the ER, PICU, NICU, and BMT. She left bedside practice after receiving her MSN and began teaching clinical for nursing students. She quickly moved into the didactic component of education and found her home. Dr. Denker is the Chief Executive Officer and a consultant for C.A.R.E., LLC an organization dedicated to assisting healthcare programs with their education needs. 

Andre Downing – Financial Aid Processor, Louisville – Andre graduated from Sullivan University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Andre has 15 years experience in Financial aid that includes experience as a team leader for educational institutions.

Alie Faulkner – Director of Career Services, Louisville    

Brian Graham – Principal / Director of Admissions, Louisville – Brian has been an Admissions Director for the last twelve years, working for career based colleges. He takes pride in building a team that has an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity when it comes to helping students enroll. His favorite thing about MedQuest is seeing students turn into successful graduates with promising careers. “Our comprehensive programs, caring educators and staff set a foundation for success in ways I have not seen at other schools. I have truly seen lives change at MedQuest.” Brian has been working in education since 2002 and began working with MedQuest College in 2012. He began his career working as an Admission’s Representative, then worked his way up to being the National Training Director, and up to his current position as the Director of Admissions at MedQuest. He received his Bachelor’s from the University of Louisville, School of Music. When he is not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys. He is a big fan of the Arts, as well as college sports.

Kaitlyn Grover – Admissions Advisor, Lexington

Desiree Hahn – Admissions Adviser, Louisville    

Sarah Imhof – Registrar and Bursar Manager, Louisville – Sarah’s favorite moments tend to occur when she is touring prospective students. “Many students find it easy to talk to me and I can very easily relate to many of the situations they have going on in their lives. It is a very humbling and fulfilling experience when a student tells me that I am part of the reason they chose to attend our school.” She has been working with MedQuest College since October 2013 and received Bachelors of Arts as well as a Bachelors of Science from the University of Louisville. Sarah has a bubbly personality that tends to put others in a better mood. This helps maintain a positive work environment with staff and faculty, as well as the prospective students she meets. “I tend to make people feel more at ease and comfortable.” When she is not working, Sarah enjoys going to the movies, working on jewelry/craft projects, spending time with friends and family, and going to concerts.

Amber Kavich – Marketing Manager, Lexington & Louisville – Amber joined MedQuest with 10 plus years of marketing and advertising experience in May 2016. While attending college to become a Medical Assistant in 2001, she was hired as a marketing assistant for a local company. After completing her externship and graduating she realized her passion was in Marketing/Advertising. Having experience as a medical assistant and in marketing will help MedQuest better position themselves in the Louisville market. “My favorite thing about MedQuest college is how determined this school is to keep the culture strong while providing a top notch education to all students. There are no cutting corners with MedQuest and that makes me proud to work here.” Amber spends her free time watching her son play baseball all over the state and enjoying quality time with her daughter and husband.

Jeanne Martin – Director of Admissions – Lexington

Tabitha McKinney – Registrar, Lexington – Tabitha graduated from Kentucky State University in 2017, where she received her B.A. in Public Administration. Tabitha brings years of public service experience to the MedQuest team. In the past she has worked in public safety, education administration and healthcare.

Brandon Meideth – Admissions Adviser, Louisville

Chelsea Metzger – Admissions Adviser, Louisville

Matthew Moore – Marketing Coordinator, Louisville and Lexington

Tyra Nunn – Senior Admissions Adviser, Lexington – In the short time that Tyra has been working with Admissions, she is proud to say that she has helped over 20 students find a home here at MedQuest. She has been working with MedQuest since April 2014 and said that her favorite thing about MedQuest “is the dedication and integrity everyone strives for to keep this school top-notch. The open-door policy of the administrators and the ‘students-first’ atmosphere is what makes us stand out from other schools.” Prior to joining MedQuest, she worked with special needs students in the elementary setting, troubled teen girls at Maryhurst, and wrote web articles for Great Web Articles. When not working at MedQuest, Tyra loves spending time with her husband and daughter as well as cooking, reading, and writing. “Writing and editing is what I love to do in my down time, I find being tasked with editing and formatting our accreditation self-study as something noteworthy!”

Kristopher O’Bryan – IT/Software Developer, Lexington & Louisville – Kristopher currently attends Indiana University Southeast, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. His background in retail has equipped him with the communication skills necessary to succeed at MedQuest.

Georgia O’Connell – Admissions Adviser, Louisville – Georgia graduated from WKU in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations. Previously she worked as an intern in the football Communications Department for Super Bowl LII and the Detroit Lions. During her undergraduate career, Georgia interned with WKU Sports Marketing and was a member of the women’s volleyball team.

Candace Scalzitti – Senior Admissions Advisor, Louisville – Candace is one of our experienced and professional admissions advisors that can answer any question you may have about MedQuest College. Prior to joining us in December 2016 Candace was an Interpreter at a Law Office and a graduate of University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish. Candace enjoys most of all seeing students excited about starting school here and making a positive difference in people’s lives. When she is not at MedQuest, Candace is spending time with her family and enjoying the outdoors. 
Leslie Schweitzer – Financial Manager, Lexington & Louisville – Leslie started her adventure with MedQuest in December 2015 as our Registrar/Bursar. With her experience as a HR Director for a Lexington marketing firm, Leslie brings a Bachelor in Business Administration Management from Georgetown College. After only 6 months with MedQuest she was quickly promoted to Director of Placement / Financial Manager. After moving from Lexington to Louisville her coworkers made her feel welcomed to her new home in Louisville. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and her best buddy, Reagan (an eight year old Goldendoodle). Her and Reagan love to explore the outdoor and find hiking trails. She is an adventure-seeker and takes any chance she can to get to explore new places.

Melody Schweitzer – Director of Education, Louisville

Elani Temple – Financial Aid Processor, Louisville

Lisa Wright – Director of Financial Aid, Louisville campus. Lisa is MedQuest’s very own Financial Aid guru. She has provided financial aid for over 18 years to thousands of students across the state of Kentucky. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that each student that walks through our doors has an opportunity to take advantage of any financial options we have available. Her greatest satisfaction working at MedQuest is “being able to help the students!”. Lisa enjoys going to the Lake and spending time with her family.  

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