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Faculty and Staff

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A World-Class Roster

Students will tell you it’s the Faculty and Staff that make the MedQuest College experience so unique, special and successful for them. We pride ourselves on having a world-class roster of Faculty and a Staff that make our students feel at home and part of the MedQuest family during the weeks of study and practical “hands on” learning they receive at the school. Learn more about the talented people we are pleased to have that are the life of our programs here at MedQuest College two campus locations in Louisville and Lexington KY.
Bruce Kepley Portrait

Bruce Kepley

Robin Boughey Portrait

Robin Boughey 

Executive Director
Louisville Campus
Tom Cropper Portrait

Tom Cropper

Community Outreach
Lexington and Louisville Campus
Program Directors

Dr. Marwa Ismail – Biomedical Equipment Technology Program Director, Louisville  mismail@medquestcollege.edu

Amy Lawrence – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director, Lexington   alawrence@medquestcollege.edu

Melody Schweitzer – Practical Nursing Program Director, Louisville   mschweitzer@medquestcollege.edu

Candace Owens – Dental Assisting Program Director, Lexington   cowens@medquestcollege.edu

Patti Landberg – Dental Assisting Program Director, Louisville   plandberg@medquestcollege.edu

April Hagan – Medical Assisting Program Director, Lexington    ahagan@medquestcollege.edu

Nanette Mosser – Medical Assisting Program Director, Louisville    nmosser@medquestcollege.edu

Carol McDonald – Medical Billing and Coding Program Director, Lexington & Louisville   cmcdonald@medquestcollege.edu

Externship Coordinators


Kayla Heitzman – Dental Assisting Externship Coordinator   kheitzman@medquestcollege.edu

Krista Dowell – Medical Assisting Externship Coordinator   kdowell@medquestcollege.edu


Angie Fuller – Medical Assisting Externship Coordinator   afuller@medquestcollege.edu


Miranda Aebersold – Medical Assisting, Lexington   maebersold@medquestcollege.edu

Adam Banks – Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Lexington   abanks@medquestcollege.edu

Diana Carter – Medical Assisting, Lexington   dcarter@medquestcollege.edu

Debbie Compton – Medical Assisting, Lexington   dcompton@medquestcollege.edu

Angeline Davis – Biomedical Technology, Louisville    adavis@medquestcollege.edu

Erica Davis – Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Lexington   edavis@medquestcollege.edu

Joseph Dawson – Medical Assisting, Lexington & Louisville   jdawson@medquestcollege.edu

Kivi Dzaringa -Biomedical Technology, Louisville    kdzaringa@medquestcollege.edu

Joy Finner – Dental Assisting, Louisville   jfinner@medquestcollege.edu

Demetria Foots – Medical Assisting, Louisville   dfoots@medquestcollege.edu

Rhonda Grimes – Medical Billing and Coding, Lexington   rgrimes@medquestcollege.edu

Jennifer Guest – Medical Assisting, Louisville    jguest@medquestcollege.edu

Brian Jochim MSN, FMP, PNP-AC, RNFA  – Biomedical Technology, Louisville   bjochim@medquestcollege.edu

Patti Landberg – Dental Assisting, Louisville   plandberg@medquestcollege.edu

Angela Maggard – Medical Assisting, Lexington   amaggard@medquestcollege.edu

Miranda McDaniel – Dental Assisting, Lexington   mmcdaniel@medquestcollege.edu

Teresa McCammon – Medical Assisting, Louisville   tmccammon@medquestcollege.edu

Christine Miller – Dental Assisting, Lexington   cmiller@medquestcollege.edu

Heather Miller  – Dental Assisting, Louisville   hmiller@medquestcollege.edu

Stefany Myers – Biomedical Technology, Louisville   smyers@medquestcollege.edu

Julie Pope CMA, (AAMA), CPC, COC, CPMA, CPC-I – Medical Billing and Coding, Louisville    jpope@medquestcollege.edu

Lisa Raymond RVT (ARDMS) – Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Lexington   lraymond@medquestcollege.edu

Sandra Stegall – Biomedical Technology, Louisville   sstegall@medquestcollege.edu

Aaron Taylor – Medical Assisting, Louisville   ataylor@medquestcollege.edu

Sharon Thompson – Dental Assisting, Lexington   sthompson@medquestcollege.edu

Kelli Tinsley  – Dental Assisting, Louisville   ktinsley@medquestcollege.edu

Laura Wcisel – Dental Assisting, Louisville   lwcisel@medquestcollege.edu

Ann Wilcher – Medical Billing and Coding, Lexington & Louisville   awilcher@medquestcollege.edu

Georgetta Williams – Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Lexington   gwilliams@medquestcollege.edu



Jeanne Martin – Director of Admissions   jmartin@medquestcollege.edu

Tyra Nunn – Senior Admissions Advisor   tnunn@medquestcollege.edu

Heidi Bates – Admissions Advisor   hbates@medquestcollege.edu

Katelyn Grover – Admissions Advisor   kgrover@medquestcollege.edu



Brian Graham – Principal / Director of Admissions   bgraham@medquestcollege.edu

Candace Scalzitti – Senior Admissions Advisor   cscalzitti@medquestcollege.edu

Brandon Merideth – Admissions Advisor   bmerideth@medquestcollege.edu

Chelsea Metzger – Admissions Advisor   cmetzger@medquestcollege.edu

Georgia O’Connell – Admissions Advisor   goconnell@medquestcollege.edu


Financial Aid

Lisa Wright – Director of Financial Aid, Louisville   lwright@medquestcollege.edu

Andre Downing – Financial Aid Processor, Louisville   adowning@medquestcollege.edu

Elani Temple – Financial Aid Processor, Louisville   etemple@medquestcollege.edu

Registrar & Bursar

Sarah Imhof – Registrar and Bursar Manager, Louisville    simhof@medquestcollege.edu

Tabitha McKinney – Registrar, Lexington   tmckinney@medquestcollege.edu

Career Services

Alie Faulkner – Director of Career Services, Louisville   afaulkner@medquestcollege.edu


Larisa Crawley – Director of Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects, Lexington & Louisville    lcrawley@medquestcollege.edu

Leslie Schweitzer – Financial Manager, Lexington & Louisville   lschweitzer@medquestcollege.edu


Amber Kavich – Marketing Manager, Lexington & Louisville   akavich@medquestcollege.edu

Madison Moxley – Marketing/Audio Visual Coordinator, Lexington & Louisville   mmoxley@medquestcollege.edu

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