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Externship Program

MedQuest College Externship Program

MedQuest College requires all students to participate in an Externship for academic credit. Externships allow students to apply classroom skills towards working with real patients alongside seasoned professionals. MedQuest College has many active students in different Externship sites at any given time. Our Externship Coordinators carefully examine each practice to ensure it meets our strict criteria as an adequate learning environment. Upon acceptance, each practice signs an Affiliation Agreement, in which the responsibilities of the site, school and student are clearly outlined.
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During their Externship, students are empowered to make professional connections that have proven invaluable. Our graduates transition from their programs with substantially more experience as a result of their real-world training. Most students receive offers of employment immediately upon completion of their program.

If you are a current student and have questions, please email our Externship Coordinator.

If you are a potential student and want to learn more about our Externship program, you can request more info now.


MedQuest College partners with approved local medical and dental offices for the Externship portion of our programs. The site approval process includes a viability visit to ensure that the environment is conducive to learning and will meet the needs of our students. A signed agreement is executed to clearly define the responsibilities of the externship affiliate, the responsibilities of MedQuest College and those of the student. Externships provide opportunities for affiliate sites to guide students on their educational journey.

If you are a local medical or dental office, and would like to learn more about how to become affiliated with MedQuest College, please email us at info@medquestcollege.edu for information.

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