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A Day In The Life of a Dental Assistant

The Dental Assisting Program at MedQuest College will not only prepare you as a dental assistant, but you will also be a certified EDDA (Expanded Duties Dental Assistant) which will put you above the competition when you reach the job interview process.  As a dental assistant, you may wonder exactly what your job would be like on an average day. We talked to current dental assistant graduates and instructors to find out what you can expect when you become a dental assistant.

A dental assistant certified in EDDA is a crucial part of every dental office—working closely with doctors and assist in treatment diagnosis by preparing and developing dental x-rays, impressions and performing exams.  The main job of a dental assistant is to make sure every patient is comfortable during the dental visit.

You can also expect to:

  • Place fillings, temporary crowns and temporary bridges
  • Maintain sterilization standards
  • Prepare exam rooms for patients, including laying out instruments and supplies.
  • Assist the dentist during procedures.
  • Perform office management tasks

Depending on the dentist(s) you work with, your responsibilities may include some or all of the above. Although an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant doesn’t clean a patient’s teeth, as a dental hygienist does, you can expect to be an important part of direct patient care. This includes handing the dentist needed instruments and keeping the patient’s mouth clean and dry. Most importantly, your job is to have a calming effect on your patients while ensuring the entire experience runs smoothly.