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An Expanded Duties Dental Assisting Program at MedQuest College gives you more opportunities than standard programs.

Not all dental assisting programs are the same.

If you’re looking to become a dental assistant, you need a program that provides instruction on both the business side and the clinical side. At MedQuest College, our program offers substantially more hands-on experience than other area dental assistant programs—even those offered through large universities.

Here’s why you need a comprehensive expanded duties dental assisting program:

  • You’ll have more job opportunities after graduation. Dental offices know that our graduates have extensive training on both the business and clinical side of dental assisting, so they’re more qualified for positions.
  • You’ll have the chance to complete a 300-hour externship in a live dental office for hands-on skill development. In fact, your training is 70 percent hands-on.
  • You’ll be prepared for a variety of roles in the dental field, including duties beyond regular dental assisting, such as placing fillings and making temporary crowns.

Business vs Clinic: What You’ll Learn

In the business classroom, you’ll learn how to:

  • Run a front office
  • Perform patient intake
  • View electronic records
  • Build a professional resume
  • Practice interviewing skills
  • And more!

In the clinic, you’ll learn how to assist the dentist in every procedure and complete some procedures on your own—all in a hands-on environment.

MedQuest’s expanded duties dental assistant program is offered in day or night class programs—36 weeks for day classes and 44 weeks for night classes—so you can realize your dream of becoming a dental assistant in as little as 7 months.

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