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Diabetes seems to be a growing health concern today. My grandmother is constantly telling me to stay away from certain types of food because she thinks it will give me Diabetes. The more she mentions it, the more it makes me want to look into it and get a better sense of whether or not I may develop it later in life. There are 2 types of Diabetes, the 1st is one that is typically found in children and is largely based on genetics and environmental factors; the 2nd is one that is typically developed from physical inactivity and poor diet, it is usually developed in people 20 years of age and older. About 90% of people with Diabetes have Type 2!

For those that don’t really know what Diabetes does or can do: In both types of Diabetes, a person’s body has a difficult time using and storing the energy a body receives from food (glucose/sugar). Insulin is a hormone in the body that allows the glucose to be used and stored properly. So more specifically, people with Type 1 Diabetes have bodies that attack the cells in the pancreas that create insulin. These people need daily insulin injections. People with Type 2 Diabetes have low insulin levels, they may not need daily injections, but will likely need to watch what and how much they eat as well as become more physically active.

In order to know if you are a Diabetic, looking at the symptoms is step one. Here are some both Types share: Very thirsty, frequent urination, rapid weight loss, feeling very hungry, feeling extreme weakness and fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and irritability. If you think you might have Diabetes, set up an appointment at your doctor’s office. The Doctor and Medical Assistant will be able to test your blood to see if you have Diabetes.

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