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For many people it is allergy season, but here in Louisville, KY, allergies rarely have an off-season. With that in mind, it is important to be aware not only what you may be allergic to, but what the people close to you may be allergic to as well. Food allergies seem the most common, with nuts and shellfish most likely leading the pack. Many are allergic to animal hair, mostly cat and dog hair. When it comes to the outdoors, anything and everything can make the sniffles start: from grass to pollen, dust and all kinds of insects. Typically, the reactions are mild, but some can be life threatening. It is important to know what can be a mild nuisance and what could send you to the hospital.

Talking with your Doctor or Medical Assistant is a good start. They know a lot of information and treat patients with these issues all the time. Your regular physician will likely recommend that you get allergy testing completed by an allergist or immunologist. The tests can vary, but typically a skin test will be performed. During this test, your skin (very likely your back or arm) is punctured with a needle that has a small amount of something you might be allergic to. Based on the results the Doctor can recommend a treatment plan and your Medical Assistant will be there to assist and answer any questions that you may have.

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