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There has been a huge growth in the need for urgent care centers. In turn, the demand for trained medical assistants has increased, and MedQuest’s medical assistant classes in KY can help you on the path to a promising career.

But wait, you might say. How do you know that you’ll have a job out the other end of all that schooling, especially a career that can support your expenses? In this day and age that is a wise question. We offer medical assistant classes in KY because we know the answer: a trained medical assistant has a ticket to a rewarding stable career where demand for their skills is not only high today but will remain high throughout their careers.

Why are we so confident? Consider some statistics. There are some 9,300 urgent care centers across the country with 50 to 100 new ones being added every year.

Emergency room visits have topped 100 million annually and are still growing. There are not enough applicants for some medical provider positions to meet the demand going forward.

The nation could use yet more urgent care centers to handle some 25% of incidents now handled by far more expensive emergency room visits.

By 2025,the U.S. will need an additional 50,000 primary care physicians to meet demand. And right behind that will be a need for medical assistants to work with them.

You may want to get in on this secure career—the country needs people willing to answer the call. And the training is available right now, right here in medical assistant classes in KY. Call us to see what focus makes sense for you.