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Medquest College’s comprehensive Medical Assistant program in Louisville, KY gives you the advanced skills you need to succeed in a physician’s office. It’s a setting where science meets the road—you put scientific principles into action every day, to help people live longer, more comfortably and happier.

To do that, medical facilities need trained people. That’s why we set up our medical assistant program right in Louisville, KY—for the convenience of our students and some of their future employers.

From phlebotomy technicians to EKG experts, we train you in skills that are highly portable so that you can pursue your interest in science over a lifetime—wherever that takes you.

To grow your interest in science it is important to work in situations with people who have that same interest, and who see putting their skills to work as the path to a life of learning—and of helping others.

Give us a call to see where your interests can take you with better skills and a better understanding of moving forward in the health care industry.