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As we get closer to getting “tricks” and “treats”, I am reminded to take a moment to “treat” all of the very hard working Medical Assistants out there with a heartfelt “Thank you”. It is Medical Assistant Appreciation week and there is so much that these folks do for us patients. These are the men and women that we see when we go to the immediate care center and feel like garbage, the folks that draw our blood so that it can get tested for various illnesses, the people that listen to you as you tell them the reason for your visit and try to comfort you. These people do so much and yet, so often are overlooked.

I encourage anyone reading this to reach out and thank their Medical Assistant. You will find them at your primary care physician’s office, immediate and urgent care centers, and in specialty offices like dermatology and cardiology. We see these professionals more than we see the doctors and they are the ones we talk to when something is wrong or if we need to make an appointment. Let us approach these wonderful, caring and compassionate people with our sincerest gratitude for everything they have done and continue to do for us every day.

If you have an interest in helping others and that been thinking about a career in the Medical field, you may want to consider becoming a Medical Assistant. MedQuest College offers an amazing Medical Assisting program that is completed in just 10 months, working with students from many different walks of life who need/want to make a meaningful and lasting career change. MedQuest College has classes that work with just about any schedule you have. Medical Assisting classes are 4 days a week, for 4 hours at a time. Click here for more information.