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Flu season is here and the CDC recommends a yearly flu shot for everyone six months old and older. Medical assisting programs in KY train people to administer these shots. This means that as a medical assistant, you can be the first line of defense against the flu—and many other diseases.
But being a medical assistant is much more than being qualified to carry out certain procedures. As the first contact with a patient, you are the one who builds rapport between the patient and the practice. You are the one that first exudes trustworthiness.
Sometimes, the biggest impact your practice can have on public health is when the doctor or nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant looks a patient in the eye who has the flu and says, “How about staying home today?” The medical assistant is the icebreaker for that conversation, putting a patient at ease who may be feeling not quite up to it.
One of the great feelings of being a medical assistant is that at the end of the day, you can count the lives you have touched, and get a sense of the impact you’ve had on improving not just their health but the health of the general public.
With flu season not only here again but certainly to return again every year, you have a chance to get the training to help everyone gear up. Enrolling in a medical assistant program in KY is the first step to making a big contribution. Get in touch so we can help you help the world.