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September 17th many not seem like a special day, but it is. On that day, in 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed by thirty-nine men, the founding fathers of our great nation. This document was created after the Declaration of Independence, which announced our separation from England, and was written to establish a government where no one person was ruling over the country. It was designed to be a system of checks and balances so that its citizens could be represented and heard. It is the document in which our branches of government were created: Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branch.

It is a living document, that even today, is looked at and amended to ensure the rights of its citizens. From 1787 to present day, there have been twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution. These amendments were created in order to clarify the rights for the people, because as times change, the documents by which we govern our society must change with us and ensure equality.

MedQuest College recognizes the importance of Constitution Day and takes extreme efforts to spread awareness of this important occasion to all students.  Knowing where you come from can help pave your path forward. It is because of the Constitution that this school is able to train its students in their chosen career field. The Constitution is a document that helped establish our government, and entities such as the Department of Education and Federal Student Aid program stem from this establishment and exist today to help citizens with their educational needs.

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