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Consider the following situations:

  • Did you recently graduate from High School or acquire your GED, but the thought of a 2 year or 4 year college makes you nervous?
  • Do you want to be in the medical field, but aren’t sure what kind of position to start with?
  • Have you been working dead end jobs and not getting anywhere?
  • Do you have kids and need reliable training for a career that will work with your busy schedule?

If you are going through any of these scenarios, looking at a career school may be the best place to start. Career schools are a great option for many people looking to get on the fast track to a career. Many people are interested in nursing, but are hesitant to jump right into nursing school because they aren’t sure that the hospital setting is the right place for them. Medical Assisting is a great first step into the career field. There are schools here in Louisville, Kentucky, that will help train you to become a Medical Assistant! These programs are designed to get students working in physicians’ offices or immediate care centers.

When looking for the right career school for you, make sure they offer hands-on training and ask what percentage of the training is performed hands-on! One of the most important parts of being a Medical Assistant is knowing how to perform procedures properly and how to make your patient feel at ease with you. This comes from repeated practice in the classroom environment.

MedQuest College offers an amazing Medical Assisting program that is completed in just 10 months! They work with students from many different walks of life who need/want to make a meaningful and lasting career change. They have classes that work with just about any schedule you have. Medical Assisting classes are 4 days a week, for 4 hours at a time. If you are working, if you have kids, if you have a crazy schedule, do not give up hope. Your new career as a Medical Assistant is waiting. Click here for more information.