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This week on a more random note,  this post will focus on Ear Irrigation. Not a subject matter that many people really think about let alone have conversations about, but nonetheless, an important and helpful procedure for people of all ages.

When a person has excessive earwax build up, or a small object in their ear, Ear Irrigation is a great, noninvasive way to alleviate the pain and pressure in the ear. Most people tend to think of this as more of a children’s issue, but many adults experience this as well. For example, adults that wear hearing aids are more likely to have a buildup of earwax. One thing many doctors want their patients to know is that using a Q-tip, or things like it, only remove a small portion of earwax and the rest is compacted inside the ear. It’s that compacted earwax that builds up and may require treatment by your Doctor and Medical Assistant.

The Medical Assistant is typically the person that will perform this procedure. It only takes a few minutes in the clinic and once completed, should offer immediate relief to the patient. If you have an interest in helping others and have been thinking about a career in the Medical field, you may want to consider becoming a Medical Assistant.

MedQuest College offers an amazing Medical Assisting program that is completed in just 10 months, working with students from many different walks of life who need/want to make a meaningful and lasting career change. MedQuest College has classes that work with just about any schedule you have. Medical Assisting classes are 4 days a week, for 4 hours at a time. Click here for more information.