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Are you thinking about a new career for 2015? Have you considered the growing field of medial assisting? If you answered yes, than you will want to learn more about our medical assistant training program in KY.

The great thing about a new year is that many of us say enough is enough: I’m changing my life, getting more organized, more income, more stability, more routine I can count on. Maybe even: more cash I can save up so I can upend my routine with some travel.

It’s easy to see what the answer is: a career. But that might sound old fashioned—what profession provides a career for any reasonable length of time these days? Especially one that doesn’t take a many years and cost a fortune in training?

The great thing about medical assistant training is that it offers in depth training and skills that don’t take a decade to learn. And becoming a medical assistant can be a route to the happy career we want. You can earn upwards of $40,000 a year in a job where demand for your skills outstrips the supply across the country (which is great for people who have the skills).

The best choice is to take the AAMA Certified Medical Assistant exam, which is available to students who have completed training at an accredited school such as Medquest College.

The New Year has already started. It’s not too late to get going with medical assistant training; give us a call right now!