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Did you know that students with better study skills tend to score better on their exams? These tips are sure to help students in medical assistant classes.

Okay, for starters, you may have heard some of this advice before. This time, take it! (And congratulations if you’ve done it consistently.) These tips will stand you in good stead in medical assistant classes here in KY, just as they may have done in high school.

Study on a Schedule

Your classes are scheduled, of course. If you schedule an additional 30 minutes of study right after each class, your retention will skyrocket. Think of it as lengthening each class period just a bit.

Take Notes

Create great study notes that rank material starting with general concepts that work down toward the details. Get the big picture, then fill in the details.

Be Consistent

Be a consistent at studying. Rather than cram all at once, think of this as a marathon or a very long hike or mountain climb. You need to keep at it, a little (or a lot) each day. Measure and celebrate that consistency by keeping a study diary that notes how often you are studying and for how long.

Ask for Help

Get help with concepts you are struggling with. Often, a little hand holding can speed your time to mastering a topic enormously. Usually, teachers and teaching assistants welcome the chance to help.

Timing  and Testing

Study at your peak period of the day, not far later than you usually go to bed.

Finally, test yourself and take tests as often as you can—that really helps both comprehension and retention as well as exposing where you need to focus.

With these tips, you won’t just master our medical assistant training in KY—you’ll enjoy being at the top of your game.