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Our culture seems to be more accepting of tattoos and some facial piercings these days, but before making the decision to get a tongue piercing, or really any type of oral piercing, you should consider what it may do to your teeth and oral hygiene.

According to www.mouthhealthy.org (an American Dental Association affiliated site), infection and swelling, not to mention PAIN, are just a few of the most recognized side effects that a person with any type of piercing may need to deal with. When it comes to oral piercings in particular there is a higher risk of infection due the amount of bacteria that live in the human mouth. Undoubtedly, your Dentist or Dental Assistant have seen what can happen at the infection site and tell you the best ways to keep clean and what to do if it happens.

You should also be careful with the metal piercing itself potentially injuring your teeth. In specific reference to tongue piercings, many people often play with the bar and ball, that can scratch your teeth or even crack them if you are not careful. Nerve damage is also a potential concern as well, since that can be permanent which could affect your sense of taste as well.

Having piercings in your mouth also makes it difficult when needing dental x-rays completed. So like anything in life, you may want to think about the repercussions before making your decision. Good habit would be to ask your Dentist or Dental Assistant if they see any other potential risks or if they know of a reputable piercer that would be safe to go to.

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