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Medical Assisting

Ready for a rewarding career as a Medical Assistant Professional? Then check out MedQuest College's medical assistant school in Kentucky. A Comprehensive Medical Assisting Diploma from MedQuest College’s medical assistant program at their Louisville, KY or Lexington, KY campus may be perfect for you. With our medical assisting training you could be ready to work in as little as 10 months!

Dental Assisting

A new career in the Dental Assisting field is waiting for you. Our Comprehensive Dental Assisting Program offered by our dental assistant schools in Frankfort and Louisville Kentucky prepares you for a variety of clinical and administrative positions. Our training program includes 8 different courses and a 300 hour externship in an actual dental office to help prepare you for work in as little as 7 months.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is coming soon to our Lexington Campus.
Call 859-554-3919 for more information.

Due to the growth of MedQuest College and our new campus in Lexington, we need to fill positions immediately. We are searching for an experienced, passionate and dedicated Program Director as well as qualified Instructors for Sonography with specialties in General and Clinical Education. Because MedQuest College continues to maintain the company culture that has propelled us into the organization we are today we are looking for team members who can fit right in. If this sounds like you, send your resume to

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The Goals for Medquest College

To offer students the best possible dental and medical assisting education in the shortest possible time, as well as prepare them with the knowledge and technical proficiency to become employable as dental and medical assistants upon graduation.

Success Stories

Why do students love our school and the unique “hands on” experience they receive at MedQuest College? The small size of our dental assisting and medical assisting training program classes and the outstanding faculty and staff are just a few of the success stories you can read or hear about from our students. The dental and medical assisting programs are focused on preparing students with “exactly what they need” to get out there and start working professionally in less than a year.

I love the school. I would recommend to everyone that likes small classes and really good teachers. I have learned a lot, and by the end of my classes, I will be prepared for a good job at a dental office. It is all because I was well-prepared by the instructors. It has everything you need to learn.

- Isaisa B.

Around Campus

Our main campus is located in Louisville, KY and just as our medical and dental assistant programs are designed to cover everything you need to know, our facilities have everything you need to succeed as a medical or dental assistant. We have the latest high tech equipment in our medical assistant and dental assistant schools at our Louisville and Frankfort, KY locations. Our students get real life experience and practice with the tools they will be using on a daily basis. We have everything under one roof, which keeps our students from having to waste time driving around from place to place. Our programs make it easy for our students to learn and get out and earn.

Medical Assistant Students at Medquest College learning how to use technology necessary for their profession
Medical Assistant Students at Medquest College learning how to take blood from patient's arm

For Students

Comprehensive Medical Assisting Program Course Schedule for Medquest College
Course Schedule

At Medquest College, our dental and medical assistant programs are designed with our students in mind. We understand they have busy lives and are ready to make things happen and get things done. The Comprehensive Medical Assisting Training Program can be completed in 40 weeks including Externship. The Comprehensive Dental Assisting Training Program can be completed in either 16 or 24 weeks plus Externship.

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Dental Assistant student or Medical Assistant student enrollment at Medquest College

Enrollment at our dental assistant and medical assistant schools in Kentucky is ongoing. Our dental assisting and medical assisting course schedules and classes are always up to date. We want to make it easy for our students to understand our enrollment process and get signed up as easily and as quickly as possible. Our medical and dental assistant schools offer tuition assistance for those students who qualify. Find out more and get started right away on your career as a Dental or Medical Assistant.

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Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant students programs are available in Frankfort and Lexington, KY
New Students

Our students come from all over. We’re pleased to say our program works for a wide variety of students and that’s definitely part of our plan. There are a number of students who drive a long distance just for our programs. We hope that our Frankfort and Lexington campuses offering dental assisting and medical assisting programs in KY will help address the tremendous need that has grown for Medical and Dental Assistants in the region, state and country overall.

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Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant students are awarded with diploma upon successful graduation from Medquest College

Graduates of our Medical Assistant Program receive a Diploma in Comprehensive Medical Assisting and are eligible to take the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Certification exam for Medical Assisting. Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Dental Assisting Program at MedQuest College, graduating students are awarded a Diploma in Dental Assisting.

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