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As the job market becomes more specialized and employers seek new hires with specific skills, the interviewing process is taking on a more competitive edge. Many young job seekers are struggling to market themselves in order to land the jobs they need. Adaptability and perseverance are essential when searching for work. These three, simple tips are ways in which you can help present yourself as the best candidate for the job during your next interview.

  1. Do your research. Because the internet is so accessible, this tip seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many young job seekers rarely do any research prior to an interview. A simple company web search can highlight recent accomplishments or developments that, if acknowledged during the interview process, can help a candidate stand-out. If the company is small, find its website or social media page and look for information to derive from posts. Almost all companies have an “about us” blurb where savvy job seekers can find information about important dates, the company mission and other statistics that can help demonstrate a drive to learn and work diligently.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be assertive. Being assertive results from cultivating self-assurance and  demonstrating your personality without compromising your professional demeanor. This tip should not be taken to mean a job seeker should be aggressive. A first step towards professionally demonstrating your assertive self is doing your research and using findings. Investigate job expectations and company culture before leveraging this information to market yourself. Incorporate findings into statements about how you and your skills will be beneficial for a company. Work on discovering ways to directly convey your situational awareness and personality in this competitive climate. Preparation like this shows hiring managers that you are a serious candidate.
  3. Be thoughtfully confident. The job market is tough. If you land an interview, give yourself a pat on the back, but know that means there are several other people who were turned away. Do not make the hiring manager regret selecting you by being over-confident or presumptuous. Hiring managers want to employ job seekers who are extremely driven, but mindful. Practice mock interviews in order to slow your rate of speech. Look at common interview questions and devise answers that help demonstrate your potential contribution to a company. Relate your answers to the job requirements when possible. Don’t be afraid to offer unique perspectives to challenging questions. Practice moves a candidate closer to perfection, but more importantly, it builds confidence.

MedQuest College in Kentucky is proud to provide our students with lifelong career coaching services. We want to empower our graduates to have a healthy and positive outlook when searching for a new job. For more information, please visit our website or call us to schedule a tour. We offer highly specialized training that gives students a strong foundation upon which to stand following graduation.