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Become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

MedQuest College is excited to announce that we are now offering an accelerated nursing program: Practical Nursing at our campuses in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky! Adding this program to our catalog allows us to give students an accessible opportunity to take their first steps into nursing. This program like all our other programs is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). This new addition allows students to earn the benefits that come along with being a licensed practical nurse. The benefits can include:

  • Work-Family Balance: Working as an LPN allows for a flexible schedule. There are a variety of shift options an LPN can take that can fit different lifestyles so you can spend quality time with those you love.
  • Workplace Options: Hospitals are not the only places an LPN can work. A variety of workplaces come with the position giving you the power to choose where you feel would be the best fit.
  • Positive Job Outlook As the Boomer generation grows older there is an increased need for care. This is creating a large demand for those working in the healthcare field such as LPNs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2024, jobs in the industry are expected to grow by 16 percent. . 
  • Honorable Field: Nursing is a tough job but that doesn’t mean it comes with no reward. Becoming an LPN is something to be proud of and something you can brag about in social situations. People look to you as a hero and you can feel the pride of helping others every day. 
  • Earning Potential: On average those who only have a high school diploma make 30,500 dollars. While LPNs make an average of 46,240 dollars. If a 14,000 dollar pay difference isn’t enough to convince you consider if you worked as an LPN for 45 years you would make 630,000 dollars more than if you worked solely with your high school diploma. Add in raises, pay increases, and other benefits and the earning potential is higher.
  • 12 Month Degree: You can earn all of these benefits while being enrolled in a program for one year. With MedQuest College’s new Practical Nursing Program your dreams can become a reality sooner than you realize.


What is an LPN? 

A practical nurse is the support staff to upper nursing such as a registered nurse. While different employers may require different roles an LPN can expect to do at least some of the following:

  • Provide patients with care: This can include wound care, catheter insertion, administering IVs and medications, etc. 
  • Monitoring and tracking vitals of patients: The vitals taken are traditionally blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, pain levels and mental state.
  • Reporting status: Changes in a patient’s mental or physical state must be reported to those who are in charge of a patient’s care.
  • Care for the patient: Whatever the patient may need that directly affects their health is your responsibility to create a comfortable environment for the patient



How long is a Practical Nursing program?

The Practical Nursing program at MedQuest College is structured so students can complete the program and earn their diploma in just 12 months. The Practical Nursing program breaks down into three learning environments: 

  1. Lecture Hours: Students are taught terminology, anatomy, and other knowledge that is critical for being a successful LPN. While this part of instruction may seem dry and intimidating it is critical for becoming an LPN and our instructors work hard to ensure every student feels comfortable with the material.
  2. Lab Hours: While on campus, students will learn using a hands-on approach, in our clinical labs that are built to resemble an actual working environment. Within these lab hours students will learn and practice skills used as a professional. Practice allows students to become confident in their abilities before entering the “real world.”
  3. Clinical Hours: practical nursing students will complete clinical hours at an assigned healthcare facility where they will work directly with RNs and Doctors to refine the skills taught while on campus.


How To Become a Licensed Practical Nurse

Before being accepted into a Practical Nursing program, such as the one offered by MedQuest College, a student first must pass a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). This exam measures the academic aptitude and personality of the student to measure if the student would be the right fit to complete a nursing program. This test is used across the board among nursing programs. It is important for us to measure these statistics as we want to a better experience for all. 

During the duration of attending courses a student will be referred to as a “practical nurse” and will not upgrade to the title of “licensed practical nurse” until passing another exam called the National Council of Licensure Examination-Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN). This exam has four sections a student is tested on:

  1. Safe and Effective Care Environment
  2. Health Promotion and Maintenance
  3. Physiological  Integrity
  4. Psychological Integrity

Our program covers each topic a student will be tested over so they can go into the exam prepared and confident in their knowledge. Once the NCLEX-PN is passed the title of “licensed practical nurse” is obtained. The license obtained is valid nation-wide and can be used anywhere within the US.


Where can an LPN work?

A licensed practical nurse can work in a variety of locations. These locations can include pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, prisons, and schools. Practical nurses even have the option to travel with their work and become a Traveling Nurse.  Pro Re Nata (PRN), which refers to positions where you only work as needed, is available to practical nurses as well as a flexible work schedule. Practical nurses have the option of working weekends, 3-12 hour shifts, 4-10 hour shifts, or a traditional 5 day week.

MedQuest College is thrilled to be adding Practical Nursing to our growing list of programs offered. We are proud to be providing even more opportunity to our students and the community around us. We hope with this addition we will see more individuals bettering their lives. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a licensed practical nurse you can request more information or schedule a tour of our campus!