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Biomedical Engineer VS Biomedical Equipment Technician
Find out what makes these two careers surprisingly different

Medical technology is changing quickly every day and this means there are more career opportunities and more ways to make a difference in the healthcare industry.
Two careers in the field that you may be considering are biomedical engineer and biomedical equipment technician. Although they sound similar, these two careers differ in some very important ways.

Become a Biomedical Equipment Technician and earn your Associates Degree in Applied Science

If the idea of working in the biomedical field appeals to you, but you don’t have the time or resources to seek a full bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can pursue an Associates Degree in Applied Science as a biomedical equipment technician. MedQuest College offers a biomedical equipment technician program that helps you gain the skills you need and be out working in your dream career in as few as 24 months. The program includes hands-on learning that fully prepares you to be a biomedical equipment technician in a medical setting, including a hospital, clinic, doctor’s or dentist’s office.

MedQuest offers small class sizes and hands-on learning, and you’ll gain real-life experience through our externship program. Through your program, you’ll learn to complete a resume, develop a professional portfolio, and practice interview skills, so you’ll be career ready when you graduate.

Learn more about our biomedical equipment technician program or schedule a tour today!