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Our full-service career resources help you secure the job of your dreams.

Did you know over 70% of MedQuest College graduates find a job in their preferred field after graduation?! A big reason why is our career services program, which prepares students to be job ready after completing their program of choice. Whether you are looking to complete a dental assisting program or medical assisting program, career services is a must for job success.

MedQuest offers a variety of Career Services resources, some which are built into the curriculum and some which are optional for students who wish to take job readiness to the next level. All students are required to complete career services courses throughout enrollment, where they learn how to build a professional resume and how to successfully prepare for a job interview. Mock practice interviews also help students gain first-hand experience. “The goal is to prepare them for what they will expect in the job market,” explained Cyndi Brock, Externship Coordinator with career services at MedQuest College.

Externship for Extra Skills
At MedQuest, all of our programs have an externship built into the curriculum. An externship gives you the opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. The externship courses are taken at the end of the on-campus work and provide on-the-job exposure at a dental practice, medical office, hospital or other facility without the pressure of being a regular employee. In fact, about 40-50% of students find work at their externship site. “It is an invaluable learning opportunity and ultimately sets you apart in the job market by providing real world experience in addition to the traditional learning method,” said Brock. “Externships also help bridge the gap between classroom and workplace—easing the transition and adjustment for our students in this area.”

Career Ready for Life
Career services don’t end after graduation. Optional services are provided to graduates of MedQuest and include job leads and help with updating your resume. Our career services department also coordinates visits from healthcare firms who wish to speak to and recruit our students for employment.

MedQuest has established a reputation of high quality programs that produce strong job candidates, so organizations naturally come to us seeking references for open positions. “Career services are essential for a student at MedQuest because it helps provide a competitive edge in the workforce,” said Brock. “It is extremely difficult, and often discouraging, to go at it alone. MedQuest College goes to work for you.”