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There are lots of good reasons to become a veterinary technician. Successfully completing vet tech programs allows students to work in veterinary offices or hospitals, caring directly for animals. That’s enjoyable and rewarding work – and it’s a field that is growing and pays well. Read on for tips for choosing the best vet tech program. Here are some things to think about:

What’s included in tuition?

It’s tempting to just look at the “bottom line” on tuition when comparing prices, but not all schools handle tuition, fees and supplies in the same way. Some schools may have lower tuition but require you to buy a meal plan or live on campus which will add to the cost.

At MedQuest College, for example, we make sure you’re prepared to begin learning on day one. We’re able to include key educational items upfront, reducing the stress around supply shopping and ensuring you have all you need for success in the program. In addition to the education, your flat costs include:

  • All required textbooks
  • Stethoscope, 6 pairs of scrubs, a lab coat, thermometer, overalls, rubber boots, a backpack and your school ID card
  • Rabies vaccination and a tetanus boost if needed
  • National Board Examination fees and two practice exams
  • Placement for clinical externship
  • Parking
  • Tutoring

For more questions about what’s included with tuition, reach out to an admissions advisor today for information about how we can help you in choosing the best vet tech program.

How do classes work?

Because of necessary COVID-19 precautions, many schools will be at least partially on-line. But that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Some schools are set up to have safe, socially distant in-person instruction to cover hands-on parts of the class.

When learning to draw blood, take x-rays or assist in surgery, nothing beats in-person, hands on learning.

One of the benefits of the MedQuest Vet Tech program is the hands-on nature of classes and the level of learning provided by dedicated instructors. Researching how classes are conducted is key to choosing the best vet tech program.

What kind of job placement assistance does the school provide?

At MedQuest, all students meet with the Director of Career Services for assistance with resume writing, preparation of cover letters, interviewing techniques, and networking skills.

The career services department provides job placement assistance for all graduates. Alumni in good standing may continue to use any and all placement resources indefinitely at no charge.

Can I work and go to school?

As an admissions advisor can tell you, many of our students work and go to school. Other vet tech programs require students to be on campus all day, Monday through Friday.

At MedQuest, courses are taken in 4-hour blocks Monday through Friday. You have the option of either 8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm, whichever works best for your schedule.

We’ve created a rigorous course schedule that allows for the flexibility students need.

Choosing the Best Vet Tech Program

At MedQuest, we provide you with quality education and look forward to helping you reach your goals. Our program requires no meal plans, doesn’t require you to live on campus and parking is always free.

Your tuition includes all needed textbooks, supplies and even costs for completing your national certification examination upon completion of the program.

Reach out to us with any questions. We’re here to help.

Program Objective

The MedQuest College Veterinary Technology Program aims to serve our community and surrounding area by graduating highly skilled veterinary technician professionals. Our Veterinary Technology program promotes technicians to be caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and technically accurate in animal-related duties. Students will be provided the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level employment as qualified veterinary technicians. The program promotes graduates to be lifelong learners by providing resources for opportunities for continuing education and giving students an appreciation of the veterinary technician profession.

Upon completion of the program and meeting all the course requirements, students will receive a Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree and will be prepared and eligible to submit their Degree and transcript to apply to take the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE) through the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). Upon successful completion of the national examination, students will be eligible to submit for licensure by the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners (KBVE). We’re here to help you in choosing the best vet tech program for you.

MedQuest College has provided high-quality instruction to students in Kentucky and Indiana since 1999. By providing Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, and surrounding areas with quality programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, diagnostic medical sonography, practical nursing, medical equipment repair, and veterinary technology we are able to proudly say that MedQuest College has successfully employed hundreds of graduates in the medical fields. Our campuses are located in Louisville KY and Lexington KY.  We are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), a nationally recognized accrediting body.