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Education Tech School – MedQuest College

Training with Healthcare Technology

Whether you just graduated high school or are returning after working full-time and raising a family, education technology drives student experience at schools like MedQuest College in Kentucky. If you ever asked yourself, “how do I become a dental assistant”, the answer is clear – you have to learn how to navigate modern technology while at school. The classrooms of today have changed dramatically over the past decade. Dental, medical and ultrasound schools like MedQuest College are updating their work environments to meet the expectations of modern students in classrooms across Kentucky. Students today use technology every day to connect themselves with their peers and family. Additionally, students are constantly exploring new ideas and learning experiences using information databases and video tutorials all from their personal devices. These new trends give students an advantage. The limits of how technology can influence student learning and success are expanding.

Educational technology comes in many forms. At Kentucky schools like MedQuest College, educational technology is universally accessible and extremely effective in terms of its impact on student education outcomes. Schools across the globe, like MedQuest, are always looking for new ways to prepare their students to use modern technology as professionals in the field. It doesn’t matter if you are a continuing education student in Kentucky or a tech-savvy night class user in southern Indiana – what you have access to matters and impacts your skills at your job. Education technology drives change in your understanding of healthcare topics as you study thoughtfully along a path toward graduation. Modern education isn’t just about having technology, but also training students to use tools that directly affects their ability to market themselves as proficient in the healthcare job market. Healthcare technology in education acts as a bridge between studying and real-life work applications. Let’s take a look at how MedQuest College in Kentucky impacts student outcomes using technology in some of its allied healthcare programs.

Dental Assisting Tools

MedQuest College student using dental technologyDental Assisting Technology is always improving. The way dentists, hygienists, and assistants visualize the mouth is dependent upon traditional and emerging technology. Dental training schools like MedQuest College educate their students using a variety of equipment. Traditional x-rays, curing lights and precision molds are essential technologies still in use today. MedQuest Kentucky’s dental assisting program now incorporates front office technology into its curriculum as the demand for experienced managers increases. Digital record-keeping and scheduling software systems are examples of modern front office technology that every dental assisting school needs. Dental assisting training schools should always seek to utilize new, in-demand, technology systems in addition to more standard pieces of equipment as a way to provide their students with a comprehensive education. Training students to understand the functions of such technology prepares them to enter the job market successfully amid increased competition for in-demand jobs. Traditional technology training on machines like x-rays still plays an important roll in student learning at schools like MedQuest College and is not disappearing anytime soon. Dynamic exposure with crucial office technology helps to define the dental assisting school experience at MedQuest in Lexington and Louisville.

Medical Assisting Technology

Medical Assisiting Human Body Medical Assisting school technology ranges anywhere from a simple centrifuge to more complex machinery like infusion pumps, heart rate monitors and lung capacity gauges. All of these tools combine to ensure that students are prepared to monitor and operate within sometimes critical lifesaving situations. Medical assisting schools in Kentucky and across the country rely on access to these technologies when teaching students to develop a professional understanding of how these devices apply to patient care. Patient care training involves not only learning how to communicate effectively but also how to manage patients in growing communities. Medical Assistants work in a variety of environments and serve as the backbone of modern healthcare practices. It is for this reason that emerging technology plays an important role in school programs like those at MedQuest.  Updating, processing and moving patients through computerized systems depends on successful healthcare school training. Robust access to systems in use by modern medical facilities helps make the difference.

Sonography School Tech

Ultrasound student studies technology at MedQuest College

Sonography Technology is often complex and its history dates back to the World Wars. Sound wave technology has evolved in such a way that ultrasound machines are becoming more compact and transportable than ever before. Ultrasound schools like MedQuest College work with major partners like Phillips and GE to increase student access to cutting-edge education technology in states like Kentucky. Commercial ultrasound technology in school labs is now identical to machines that Lexington sonography school graduates will use once they enter the workforce following graduation. Learning to use these machines during their ultrasound school program means MedQuest students are better equipped to working in the field with confidence. Local hospitals, clinics and/or doctors’ offices depend on Sonographers with hands-on experience using commercial machines. Since the ultrasound machine market is expected to grow in the coming decade, it is vital that schools like MedQuest work at connecting students with the technology needed to succeed as an Ultrasound Technician.

Medical Equipment Repair Technician in School

Medical Equipment Repair Technician Training at MedQuest CollegeMedical Equipment Repair Technology students spend their program diagnosing and repairing most, if not all, of the major technology previously mentioned and then some! Medical Equipment Repair students are extremely hands-on. Many of these students enter their MedQuest program with experience in areas like auto repair, circuitry, and machine diagnostics. Becoming certified in medical device repair requires a thorough understanding of everything related to healthcare tech. Kentucky healthcare schools are increasing student access to learning through the use of technology in machine-driven programs like Medical Equipment Repair Technology as a response to the enormous growth in technology-enabled healthcare environments. In today’s world, almost every piece of medical machinery has a computer inside of it. These devices are also connected via a network in some way. Biomedical education programs in Kentucky train students to meet the unique demands of the modern hospital environment by connecting them with the technology skills needed to help facilities run safely and efficiently. At MedQuest College, students diagnose and repair defibrillators, oxygen pumps, surgical tables, and machine networking systems during their program and externship. Connecting trained students with facilities who need their skills is what drives success.

Being successful as a healthcare professional following school training may have required little to no technology in the past. This is no longer the case as healthcare continues to evolve towards becoming fully integrated with computer systems and their networks. Modern education is relying on technology to help students learn and schools are working hard to provide their graduates with access to the tools needed to have fulfilling careers in healthcare. Becoming a medical assistant in Kentucky now requires students to have hands-on training with important technology prior to landing their first job. This experience works to generate lifelong success in medical careers. The same can be said regarding Dental Assistants, Ultrasound Technicians and Medical Equipment Repair Technologists, who have a portfolio of hands-on tech skills. If you want to learn more about educational technology and how MedQuest College is empowering its students, schedule your tour today and see how our allied healthcare schools are creating positive outcomes for students in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.