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This month is National Pet Month, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate your furry, scaley or feathered friend.

At MedQuest College, we love pets of all shapes and sizes and are excited to Celebrate National Pet Month! Not only do pets make great friends, but they also bring positive benefits like decreased feelings of loneliness and anxiety and increased opportunities to exercise and socialize.

Are you looking to show your pet some extra appreciation this month? Read on to find five great ways to celebrate National Pet Month!

1. Go on a walk.

What better way to celebrate National Pet Month than with a walk in the beautiful spring weather? Now is a great time to try out a new trail or check out a park you’ve never been to.

Not a dog owner? Cats can go on walks too! While it might not be as easy as training your dog to walk on a leash, you can train your cat to do the same.

2. Celebrate with a healthy treat.

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat. While there are plenty of options in the store, make your National Pet Month celebration extra special by baking a homemade treat to share with your furry friend.

Bake something pet and human friendly and you’ll have the extra benefit of something special for the both of you when you celebrate National Pet Month.

3. Plan a playdate.

Pet playdates are a great way to socialize your pet and celebrate national pet month. Consider coordinating a playdate at a local dog park, or invite some furry friends over for an in-home party.

Playdates aren’t just great for your pet. They also have the added advantage of providing a social event for you.

 4. Donate to a local shelter.

Local shelters and animal organizations are always looking for some extra support. Celebrate National Pet Month by making a donation in your pet’s name.

If financial support isn’t an option, consider donating your time. Not only will you provide some much-needed labor, but you may even find a new furry friend.

 5. Start a career working with pets!

Do you love pets so much that you’re looking for a pet-focused career? Consider becoming a veterinary technician through MedQuest’s Veterinary Technology Program.

Vet techs play an important role on the animal health care team by providing essential care and support. You can think of them as nurses for the animal world. They know how to care and handle animals and work with veterinarians to provide medical care.

MedQuest’s two-year vet tech program prepares students for work in animal hospitals and private clinics. Our graduates are prepared to pass the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE), which allows them to apply to become licensed vet techs in Kentucky.

And while the salary and flexible working hours are definitely a perk, the best part of the job is definitely getting to spend all your time with animals.

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