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The benefits of a college degree are numerous including better job opportunities and higher pay. And whether you choose to pursue a career as a medical assistant, dental assistant, sonographer, practical nurse or vet tech, you’re looking at reaping some major rewards.

But while embracing the idea of returning to school to better your life may be easy, paying for it isn’t necessarily as simple.

So how do you take the leap?

College scholarships.

Are there many scholarships?

Nearly 85 percent of students receive some form of financial aid, whether that be in the form of loans or grants. That money often becomes eligible after students fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, of FAFSA.

But many students fail to take advantage of the additional thousands of dollars of aid available each year in the form of college scholarships, said Rhonda Grimes, senior financial aid advisor with MedQuest.

“I don’t think people realize there’s as much money out there as there is,” she said.

The amount of financial aid available is staggering: 5 million scholarships offering $24 billion each year. And although most private awards are less than $4,000, they can often be combined with other awards, increasing the amount of financial aid you can receive.

How do I find college scholarships?

Although many people associate college scholarships with new or prospective students, that’s not always the case. While it’s true there are many scholarships for incoming students, opportunities abound for those who have been enrolled longer, and current students may find several to apply for.

But how do you find those scholarships?

First, check out MedQuest College’s scholarships page, which has a wide variety of options from scholarships for nursing students to ones specifically for women.

Students can also find scholarships through a simple Google search, or they can talk to their instructors about career-specific scholarships that exist, Grimes said.

Once you’ve found the perfect scholarship, it’s time to apply. That’s often as simple as writing an essay, although some essay-less options also exist. And if you have questions, the financial aid office is always available to help.

“We guide them where we can and help them as much as we can,” said Andre Downing, regional director of financial aid at MedQuest College.

Taking the next steps at MedQuest College

Financing your education may seem daunting, but you have options. Whether that be through accessing the scholarship webpage with links to scholarship opportunities or scheduling an appointment with the financial aid office at MedQuest College, there are plenty of ways to get assistance.

And it’s not just college scholarships that are available to students, Downing said. Some jobs offer tuition reimbursement that students may be eligible for, which can help offset the costs of tuition.

Whether financial aid comes in the form of a Pell Grant or a scholarship from the Tall Clubs International, the financial aid office at MedQuest College is ready to help you get started.

“We try to make it easy and less stressful for our students,” Grimes said. “Because some of them come in here, and they say the words ‘financial aid’ and freak out.”

If you have questions about financial aid at MedQuest College or any of the five programs the college offers, click to request additional information or schedule a virtual tour. Don’t let a fear of finances keep you from achieving your dreams.