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When you finish your medical assistant or dental assistant program, you’ll have more than a diploma. You’ll likely have lifelong friends who understand your college experience and share similar goals for the future.

It’s true that for most people, the friends you make in college are the friends you have for life. After all, you have a lot of the same interests and you’ve chosen the same career path in medical assisting or dental assisting. You’ll also see one another on a daily basis.

For some, strong friendships develop automatically. Perhaps you meet at orientation or on the first day of class and immediately hit it off. For others, it takes a little bit more effort. No matter which category you fall into, you’ll be glad to have good friends by your side as you navigate the world of college and complete your medical assisting or dental assisting program.

Here are 3 ways to make friendships part of your college experience:

1. Make time for friendships. It takes two to make a friendship spark. Every college student is busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make time to build relationships. Ask a new friend to share your breakfast or join you for a quick lunch between classes. Or offer to study together for your next big exam.

2. Share the stress. Everyone needs alone time to decompress, but some of your favorite memories will come from time spent bonding over the inevitable stress that comes with being a college student. Whether it’s cramming for finals, or finishing that huge term project, don’t be afraid to turn to your friends for help and some much-needed laughter.

3. Join the club. You’ll meet more potential friends if you leave the sidelines and join in with others. Look for a club or organization at your college where you can meet others with similar interests. Don’t see one that you’d enjoy? Consider starting your own group.

Once you have your diploma, you’ll connect with others who have been through the medical assistant and dental assistant program in your new career. That’s what happened to Heather McKenna, who met her best friend when they both began work as dental assistants in the same office. “After I started my career as a dental assistant, I met my best friend, who I would consider a sister,” said McKenna. “We’ve only known each other for 4 years but it’s hard for me to remember what it was like when she wasn’t in my life. When we met, it didn’t take long for us to realize how much we are alike. It could be the most horrible day and she is able to make me laugh.” The two went from being dental assistants together to now working as instructors in the dental assistant program at MedQuest College.

No matter who you become friends with during your time getting your medical assisting or dental assisting diploma, or after you start your new career, these friends will become like family.

Begin your journey to becoming a medical or dental assistant and make lifelong friends in the process. Contact a MedQuest College admissions counselor today.