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Whether you’re a recent graduate or someone that’s been working and looking to change careers – the thought of starting school can be scary.

What if I know I like healthcare but I’m not sure what program is right for me? How will I pay for it? How do I tell my job I want to work less or adjust my schedule?

At MedQuest College, we have a team of admissions advisors who are ready to talk with you and help you reach your goals.

With campuses in Louisville and Lexington, our instructors have worked the jobs they teach – creating skillful, empathetic healthcare workers that are a crucial influence on patient recovery and satisfaction.

Below is a Q&A with Stephanie, a real advisor with MedQuest. When you request information or schedule your virtual tour – you just might hear from her!

What do you do at MedQuest?

I’m an Admissions Advisor – so when a person reaches out for more information about our programs, wants to ask questions or to schedule a virtual tour – I’m on the team that helps get people the information they need to know.

My typical day is varied – which I really enjoy – but at the core of my work it’s interacting with people and helping them use education to make a meaningful difference in their life. I spend the day on the phone or video calls, chatting with students, parents and others about our offerings, our benefits and what sets us apart from other schools. When it comes to MedQuest admissions help – my team and I are there for you.

What is your favorite part of your work?

This may sound cliched – but seeing a student succeed never gets old.

As an advisor, I’m often the first interaction a perspective student has with MedQuest –a friendly voice and face to someone that might be a little apprehensive about making a big change in their life.

We’re with students every step of the way – from answering questions about programs, financial aid and what career opportunities exist – to watching them walk across the stage at graduation.

It’s an incredibly proud moment when I can cheer for someone as they get their diploma – knowing that I had a small role in helping them get there.

Why should someone consider MedQuest?

Students are more than students at MedQuest, they’re family – and there are many benefits of being a MedQuest graduate that continue long after your diploma is in hand.

  • Small class sizes help students to build relationships with their classmates and instructors. Most of our courses have fewer than 20 students. There are no lecture halls of endless faces – it’s people you see day in and out – people you build study groups with and faculty that champion your success.
  • Resume building, career development and interview prep are crucial parts of Career Services. Students take courses to build a resume, partake in mock interviews and put together a portfolio. Furthermore, job placement doesn’t end with your first job after graduation – that’s lifelong.
  • MedQuest creates well-rounded students. Students learn in the classroom, they put skills to use during externships – and during your time as a student participate in IMPACT – MedQuest community service partnerships with local organizations like the Dare to Care Food Bank, Toys for Tots, St. Jude’s and more.

If you’re looking for MedQuest admissions help, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to talking with you about a career in healthcare.

MedQuest College

The career training programs offered by MedQuest College are designed to prepare students for successful careers in healthcare.

MedQuest College offers six programs to help students find their career pathway in medicine. Practical nursing, dental assisting and medical assisting can be completed in less than a year and put graduates to work in medical settings in just a few months. Medical equipment repairsonography and the veterinary technician program require more training and take two years to complete.

If you have questions or want more information about MedQuest faculty and staff, financial aidcareer services for students or want general information, click to request information or schedule your virtual tour. MedQuest College knows the importance of healthcare and we’re here to help.