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Measuring up to student and community expectations is important to MedQuest College in Lexington and Louisville. MedQuest makes it a goal to provide healthcare students with the fastest path to obtaining a degree or diploma. MedQuest College accomplishes its goal by increasing student access to learning through the use of technology, because of the role it plays in the current and future Kentucky healthcare landscape. Following the implementation of the EHR (electronic health record), healthcare organizations in Kentucky and elsewhere faced a situation in which technology training was needed on a massive scale. Since then, emerging technology has continued to positively affect the healthcare industry and this change has created a serious demand for hard-working and educated healthcare professionals. This demand exists in every corner of healthcare. From dental assisting to dental hygiene, Kentucky students are looking to sharpen their skills in certified education environments.

MedQuest is working to provide Kentucky students with the skills they need to meet rising healthcare career demands. In the Louisville area, there are over a dozen hospitals with multiple new facilities under construction. In Lexington, private physician practices continue to grow towards meeting the healthcare needs of rapidly expanding central Kentucky communities. Thanks to the existence of major medical research universities within the state of Kentucky, the healthcare job market is certain to benefit over the next several years as emerging technologies rapidly dictate skill demand. This need for trained, certified healthcare workers affects every area of the allied health, from dental assisting to sonography as well as medical billing and coding.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists are feeling the pressure of demand as populations continue to rise and new, advanced procedures are being introduced to tackle some of the most pressing medical issues facing the state of Kentucky. The complexity of the medical billing system is evolving and MedQuest College is here to train the next generation of specialists capable of deciphering these life-saving codes. MedQuest is dedicated to training highly specialized healthcare workers and putting Kentucky college students to work. During the 2016 and 2017 academic year, 78% of MedQuest College students graduated successfully according to the U.S. department of Education. This number indicates how serious MedQuest is when it comes to measuring up with our advanced, accelerated curriculum. The MedQuest Louisville and Lexington staff make it a priority to help students achieve all they can before graduating and becoming professionally certified. 

The faculty team at MedQuest College trains students to meet modern healthcare demands, so that employers can hire the best Medical Assistant or Biomedical Repair Technician Kentucky has to offer. During the 2016 and 2017 academic year, MedQuest put 89% of our certified Medical Assisting students to work following graduation. MedQuest accomplished this goal due to the hard work of our career professional staff who work tirelessly to translate the demands of working in the healthcare field to our students in preparation for career growth. The partnerships our staff forge with students, community doctors, healthcare facility managers and technologists make the MedQuest difference. Being a member of the healthcare field means working with other professionals and learning together. We help our students build professional networking connections, because MedQuest values the idea of lifelong career partnerships. Our Kentucky community partners are the stepping stones to greater education and career heights.

During the Externship portion of our curriculum, MedQuest College students complete real word, hands-on work alongside leading Kentucky healthcare specialists in local medical, dental or technology firms. During this crucial time, our Lexington and Louisville college students are learning and demonstrating the ways in which they measure up. For academic credit, under the supervision of a trusted partner, our students become more experienced young professionals. Our career services department ensures that MedQuest students understand job expectations and begin training confidently. During Externship, the opportunities for networking and skill development result in MedQuest students finishing their program not only feeling successful, but possessing a training record that clearly demonstrates their capabilities to future Kentucky hiring managers.

Helping our students achieve their healthcare education goals begins in the classroom. Mary Murphy, the Medical Assisting Program Director for MedQuest College in Lexington, feels that Medical Assisting is “growing by leaps and bounds” and that “this training serves as a foundation for further study in the medical field”. Whether looking to begin your career or education journey, MedQuest can help you measure up in an age where every job is highly specialized. It is becoming more important than ever before to have a skillset when entering the job market or seeking continued education. Success begins with first steps and an open mind towards new and exciting learning experiences, as well as the realities students face during college studies.

Unfamiliarity with failure is a common and relatable student mindset that Program Director Mary Murphy understands. As a professional in this field, she believes that compassion is a powerful education tool. Compassion helps show healthcare students how to communicate personally and professionally. MedQuest College in Lexington and Louisville aims to go, “above and beyond when helping our students. Other students have been in similar situations. We are here to help our students measure up. We understand our students, what their struggles are” says Murphy.

Becoming professionally certified is one way our students demonstrate success. Whether you are a Billing & Coding Student or a Dental Assisting student, MedQuest College will pay for you to become professionally certified by covering the cost of your first certification exam. We are dedicated to ensuring our students enter the field feeling confident and knowledgeable in their respective fields of work. MedQuest College wants inspire confidence in the lives of our hard working students who study to overcome all hurdles presented during their healthcare training program. The professional guidance our staff put towards helping our students stand out through testing and career coaching makes the MedQuest difference. We aim to connect our students with the knowledge and technology they need to succeed.

MedQuest College measures up by offering tech savvy Kentucky college students its new Associate Degree program in Biomedical Technology Repair. MedQuest Louisville is helping measure up by partnering with local healthcare technology facilities in order to to provide our students with real-world experience diagnosing and repairing medical equipment. Upon graduation, our Biomedical Technology students will have experience working on surgical tables, ventilators, infusion pumps and other medical devices and their circuitry. When MedQuest Biomedical Technicians graduate, in addition to being certified professionally, they are highly experienced in a global trade. Biomedical technology repair is an extremely fast-growing career field and MedQuest is helping to lead its development in Kentucky. Emerging technologies are reshaping the medical landscape and hospitals are under pressure to ensure that advanced machinery and hydraulic systems are in working order when needed.

Dr. Marwa Ismail developed the Biomedical Technology program at MedQuest College Louisville. As Program Director, Dr. Ismail knows exactly how students need to measure up in the technology-driven Kentucky healthcare landscape. The ideal student for the Biomedical Technology program at MedQuest Louisville has an interest in, “math, information technology, networks. [This person] likes to repair stuff and play with equipment to see how it works” said Dr. Ismail. “It is very important for students to have the basics of electronics” she goes on to say. 40% of this program deals with hands-on training, because MedQuest College in Kentucky understands student needs and the demands of rapidly changing technologies impacting healthcare nationally.

Emerging technology is increasing demand for medical technology repair specialists. “The medical field is vastly growing, especially here in Louisville. This increases the demand for Biomedical Technicians. When I speak with collaborators, they mention they are always seeking Biomedical Technicians.” If you have an interest in technology, or healthcare in general, MedQuest College aims to connect you with the tech needed to measure up as a Kentucky healthcare professional. This mission is a foundation of what we aim to do for Lexington and Louisville students. Our accelerated, certified healthcare programs are offered year round, day and night. Call and schedule your tour today in order to begin measuring up to the demands of rapidly growing career expectations. MedQuest College makes the difference. We graduate successful Kentucky students as we seek to measure up to community and student expectations in the modern healthcare world.