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Going back to school or continuing your education is a major life decision. If you’re considering getting a degree, data (see more from The College Board) shows people with more than a high school diploma tend to be more successful, including:

  • Economics: The median annual income of someone with a high school diploma is $35,400, compared to $44,800 with a two-year degree and $56,500 with a four-year degree.
  • Health: People with education beyond high school tend to make healthier choices. In 2012, only 8% of four-year degree-holders smoked, compared to 20% with an associate degree and 25% with a high school diploma alone. Among 25-34-year-olds, 85% of those with a bachelor’s degree and 71% with an associate degree reported exercising weekly, compared to 60% of those with no post-secondary education.
  • Community Involvement: Of those with a four-year degree, 45% report knowing “quite a bit” about current political issues, compared to 34% with some college or a two-year degree and 21% with a high school diploma.

At MedQuest College, Student Services is just as critical to your success as what you learn from our instructors. Success stems from knowledge in the classroom and balance in a student’s personal life. Stuff happens – and MedQuest is here to help you when you need it.

Nina Craig is the MedQuest Student Services Coordinator for our Louisville campus. Below is a Q&A with Nina. As a student (or prospective one!) when you reach out to learn more about us – you just might hear from her!

What do you do at MedQuest?

As Student Services Coordinator, I provide wrap-around services for students – a resource to assist with their journey while at MedQuest. I’m here to help them navigate through challenges that may arise that could impact their ability to be successful. This could be providing community resources or referring them to a program within MedQuest or the community.

I know it’s what everyone says – but each day is different. I may have a call with a student directly, a concerned instructor or have a meeting with a few students. I also help students with emergency situations that may arise or any barriers to continuing their education.

What is your favorite part of your work?

One thing I love about my work are the programs I put on each month –community service projects with local non-profits, on-campus events and community advocates and speakers that may come visit the campus.

The most recent new addition to our campus and programming is our Heart of Lunch Pantry. We have many students on campus all day – and some cannot afford, or forget to bring, their lunch. Our Lunch Pantry is stocked with microwavable meals and snacks that students can access with no pressure.

Because February is American Heart Health Month, the week of Valentine’s is Heart Self-Care Week. Each day of that week we offer different activities for students and faculty to take part in, including Mindful Monday with ways to de-stress and blood pressure checks and Tuesday includes heart-healthy recipes with samples. Healthcare is at the heart of MedQuest – and we want to help students in and outside the classroom. MedQuest Student Services is here every step of the way.

Why should someone consider MedQuest?

I’ve grown attached to my students – and as they graduate and move on, I look forward to more students joining the group. There are many things I love about MedQuest Student Services and our school, including:

  • Community resources are plentiful and offered to every student. At the beginning of my time at MedQuest, I developed a Community Resource Guide. This guide is available in my office – but also through all of our instructors. People form bonds with faculty they see each day – and we want students to be able to reach out to whichever person they feel most comfortable with, whether that’s me or an instructor.
  • Sparc Hope is a new partnership for our Louisville campus. It’s a resource for single parents that enable and empower them to become self-supporting to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their children. Sparc Hope helps with budgeting, child care and offers other resources for single parents to ensure they have the support they need to graduate.

If you’re looking for another reason as to why MedQuest is the place for you, reach out to Nina or the team and they’ll be happy to talk more.

MedQuest College

The career training programs offered by MedQuest College are designed to prepare students for successful careers in healthcare.

MedQuest College offers five programs to help students find their career pathway in medicine. Practical nursing, dental assisting and medical assisting can be completed in less than a year and put graduates to work in medical settings in just a few months. Sonography and the veterinary technician program require more training and take two years to complete.

If you have questions or want more information about MedQuest faculty and staff, financial aidcareer services for students or want general information, click to request information or schedule your virtual tour. MedQuest College knows the importance of healthcare and we’re here to help.