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MedQuest College’s Veterinary Technology Program was recently accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the highest standard of achievement for veterinary medical education in the country.

Launched only last year, the two-year associate degree vet tech program prepares students for an exciting career as a vet tech, which is an essential role on the animal care team. Receiving the AVMA accreditation marks a big achievement, not just for MedQuest but also for future students interested in the program.

Have questions about what this accreditation means for you? Keep reading to learn more!

What does “accredited” mean for a vet tech program?

Accredited means a program is officially recognized by the AVMA, which is the country’s leading advocate for those working in the veterinary field. Receiving accreditation is optional, and not all vet tech programs are willing to go through the process.

To receive AVMA accreditation, programs must meet certain standards, including meeting expectations for the classrooms and equipment, offering appropriate student support services and hiring qualified faculty and staff to instruct students.

Why does being accredited matter?

Being accredited might not seem like much, but it’s a good way for prospective students to tell whether or not a program is high quality and one that will set them up for success. AVMA accreditation shows students that the vet tech program complies with industry standards and also tells future employers about the value of the degree.

If you’re looking for a vet tech program, you may be overwhelmed by all the programs you find. But looking for an AVMA accredited program like MedQuest’s Veterinary Technology Program will help ensure you choose a program that will lead to a successful career as a veterinary technician.

Why should I consider studying veterinary technology at an accredited program?

It’s a great time to become a vet tech. Qualified veterinary technicians are in high demand, with the field expected to grow 20% by 2031. In Kentucky, especially, licensed, qualified, trained technicians can be hard to find, meaning the job market is wide open.

But it’s not just the job market that makes this a great career. Working with pets is rewarding, and the job itself comes with a lot of variety. Each day brings different pets, different challenges and different skills to use. And choosing an accredited program will ensure you receive high-quality education that will set you up for a successful career.

What makes MedQuest’s Vet Tech Program a good choice?

MedQuest’s program is centrally located in Kentucky on the Lexington campus in the heart of horse country. But you won’t just gain experience with horses. There are many wonderful clinics in the area treating a wide variety of animals, and all of them are searching for good vet techs.

Additionally, MedQuest has small class sizes, which means there are plenty of opportunities to work one-on-one with qualified instructors. We also require all students to participate in externships before graduation, helping solidify their newly learned skills and ensuring they build connections that will help them when the time comes to find a job.

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