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The last time you visited the dentist’s office, there is a high probability that you noticed all the shiny objects laid out neatly and on display. These are dental tools used by dental assistants, dental hygienist, and even the Dentist. Rather than acknowledging them, you will lay your head back, open your mouth wide, close your eyes (maybe) and let the experienced team do their work. You know the dental tools in your mouth are important but have you never thought about what they are used for or even their proper name? Incase you choose to ask your dental assistant to educate you on each one you should know that Dental Assistants training in Expanded Duties Dental Assisting will spend many hours in the on-campus clinical lab learning about these dental tools. Students will learn the proper name, how to use them correctly and safely, and how to sterilize and store the tools after each use. This training ensures that the best dental care is provided to each patient and of course, to answer the popular question asked by many patients “what’s that tool used for?”.

Do you think you can guess these tools? Take our online quiz to find out and put your score in the comments!