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Are you stuck in a job that requires odd hours? The fact is, shift work that includes hours in the evening or overnight, or constantly rotating hours, can impact your life.

Studies show that shift work has many negative effects, including:
• Disruption of your body’s natural circadian rhythm, causing sleep problems
• Inability to plan ahead or schedule due to rotating shifts
Increase in risk of health problems
Missing out on family activities or time with children due to work or sleep
Relationship problems and increased rates of separation and divorce

The Solution to Shift Work
As a medical assistant, dental assistant, diagnostic medical sonographer or biomedical equipment technician, you can say goodbye to shift work and hello to regular daytime work hours. Most positions in medical assisting, dental assisting, sonography and biomedical equipment technology include work hours closer to 8am-5pm, a much more livable schedule.

The benefits of a regular daytime work schedule include:
Ability to plan ahead due to the constant nature of your schedule
Decreased risk of certain health conditions associated with shift work
Increased time with your partner or spouse when you’re on the same schedule
Regular sleep patterns, so you feel fully rested each day
Time at home with your family, for dinner and evening activities such as your child’s sports events
Time to meet friends for dinner or movies in the evenings or on weekends

When you begin a program at MedQuest you can be on your way to a new career as a dental assistant or medical assistant in as little as 7-10 months. Interested in becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer? You can earn your Associate Degree of Applied Science or complete our Biomedical Equipment Technician program in two years.

MedQuest makes it easy—with convenient class times, and day or night class programs that fits your schedule. At MedQuest, you gain real-life experience through our externship program and our career-ready components—including developing a professional portfolio, creating a resume and practicing interview skills.

End your days of shift work now with a degree from MedQuest. Learn more about our programs or schedule a tour today!