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In thinking about drinks that people buy or make most often in the summer, the answer is typically- The sweeter the better! While not many would disagree, your teeth are aching for healthier beverages. Sweet Tea and Soda are typically enjoyed by people of all ages, and why wouldn’t they? They are delicious! With that being said, they and sports drinks alike contain enough sugar and acid to weaken the enamel in your teeth, which is exactly what causes cavities and decay.

Due to the high amount of sugar and acid, sodas in particular attack and weaken the enamel, making it that much easier for cavities to be created. Dentists and Dental Assistants recommended that patients keep their consumption low, water intake high, and to brush/floss twice a day. It all goes back to the old adage “All things in moderation.”

Saying it is easy, doing it is hard. If you have been struggling with how many soda’s you’ve been drinking, be sure to brush more, and if you have sensitive spots on your teeth- you may want to schedule some time with your Dentist and Dental Assistant to check to see if you have any cavities or decay that needs to be removed. While you are there, they are the best people to ask about tasty drinks that won’t damage your teeth.

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