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Getting a college degree is an exciting journey. You’re setting yourself up for a higher paying job, a healthier lifestyle and a more stable future, according to the College Board.

But to reap those rewards, you’ll have to leverage your degree into a job after you graduate. Taking the next step – finding your dream job – can sometimes be just as scary as deciding to go back to school. But it doesn’t have to be!

MedQuest College has a team of professionals ready to help you launch your career. From resume building to acing that job interview, they’re with you every step of the way.

Learn more about how you can start your career with MedQuest’s Director of Career and Student Services, Stephanie Slone.

What does Career Services provide?

Career Services provides an insight into a career, but it kind of goes a little bit deeper with that as far as being able to help them build that professional portfolio. Because we will help with sample cover letters. We will help with reference lists and your resume and then any documents that need to be in a portfolio. I feel like a lot of students don’t really realize what can be included to kind of set them apart from any other applicants. So Career Services at MedQuest likes to have that input so students are set apart from other applicants to make sure that they’re the ones that snag the job.

What makes MedQuest Career Services different?

I feel like at MedQuest, we really care. And we pride ourselves because we have actual people that you can come in and meet with. We can do a Zoom, or we can do an email if that’s a preference of the student. But they can also come in and actually meet with us one-on-one, and then we can give them that special attention. Because that’s why they’re coming here, to get an education but ultimately to get that dream job.

What common questions does Career Services get from students?

Some of the common questions are your basic questions. What do I wear on an interview? Should I bring my resume with me? Do you know what questions they are going to ask me? The funniest is probably, how do I not talk with my hands? Or what can I do to not be so nervous?

What do you wish students knew when job hunting?

I feel like one of the most important things is professionalism and making a very good first impression. The medical field, especially in this area, is very, very close knit. Everybody knows everybody. So making that good first impression can give you a good connection into the field in general.

Does MedQuest offer any career services after graduation?

Career Services is a lifelong service. It’s not like you get finished, you graduate, and you’re done. I will be in contact with you three months, six months, a year afterwards to make sure that you are placed and that you are happy.

If you have questions about Career Services at MedQuest College or how MedQuest can help start you on the path to your new career, click to request additional information or schedule a virtual tour. Take the next step to better your life at MedQuest College.