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Motherhood is a wonderful journey, and one that has many women choosing to put their education and career on hold. However, now that the kids are back to school, it’s time for you to think about your own future. Head back to school and start your new career as a dental assistant or medical assistant in as little as 7-10 months or earn your Associates of Applied Science Degree in two years and begin a career as a diagnostic medical sonographer or biomed equipment technician.

Back to School Benefits

Of course, going back to school does come with some challenges. You may be worried about how you will keep up with your course work and still be there to help your children. MedQuest makes it easy—with convenient class times, and day or night class programs so you can study while your kids are in school and do your homework together in the evenings. Or take your classes in the evenings, if that fits your family’s busy schedule better.

Going back to school enables you to:

  • Feel a personal sense of accomplishment
  • Find success in a new career as a dental or medical assistant
  • Make a financial contribution to your family with your new career
  • Set an example for your kids of hard work and dedication to education

Molly Tevis Orona, a graduate from the dental assistant program at MedQuest, learned the value of setting an example for her daughter when she went back to school. “We did it together. My little girl was my homework buddy, flash card holder and cheerleader,” she said. “I let her see that going back to school was hard work so that she knows first hand that hard work pays off.”

Get Career Ready at MedQuest

It’s true—things may have changed since you were last in school. MedQuest small class sizes and friendly atmosphere make the transition back to school easy. Plus, our hands-on learning experiences will give you the confidence to start your new career and future.

When you choose MedQuest for your back to school experience, you gain real life experience through our externship program and our career ready components. Through your program, you’ll learn to complete a resume, develop a professional portfolio, and practice interview skills.

Want to learn more about the small college advantage and head back to school just like your kids?   visit www.medquestcollege.edu to request more information now.