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Is now the right time to start a career in health care?

Many people are interested in careers in medicine and related fields – and for good reason. Health care can be interesting and rewarding work. It pays well. It’s considered “recession-proof,” meaning people need health care in good economies and bad ones. What makes it a top career choice?

It’s flexible! If you want a quiet environment, you might prefer to become a sonographer, where you work in a quiet room using ultrasound to examine hearts. If you enjoy a more energetic atmosphere, the emergency room might be a great fit for you.

No matter what, if you’re working in health care, you will save lives.

But is health care a good career in a pandemic?

Healthcare workers are expected to be first in line to get vaccinated for COVID-19. But until they do, they will continue to face COVID-related safety challenges in the workplace.

Many MedQuest students say they understand the risks – but are committed to being part of the solution.

For example, Danesha, who recently graduated from MedQuest with a Medial Assisting diploma, said that the pandemic is scary to her, because she has some underlying health conditions. “But I’ve always been willing to risk my life for someone else…. I feel like I can be a hero to someone else.,” she said.

Robin Boughey, the executive director of MedQuest College, says that students understand that their skills are needed now more than ever and that the skills they are learning – from sanitizing dental equipment to repairing ventilators – has never been more important.

“I hear many students say that they feel like they are entering the field at the right time – when people really need them,” she said.

Autumn, who recently graduated with a dental assisting diploma, said that dental assistants are a special breed of person, already comfortable with close physical interaction with others. “Now more than ever, I feel like I’m learning something essential,” she said. “People need help!”

Top Career Choices in 2021

A recent article in Best Colleges noted that health career jobs were expected to grow faster than the rest of the economy even before the pandemic. The article also notes that the dedication and commitment demonstrated by health care workers during the pandemic has been inspiring to people.

MedQuest College offers six programs that help students find their career pathway in medicine. Practical nursing, dental assisting and medical assisting are popular programs that can be completed in less than a year and put students to work in medical settings in just a few months.

Other programs, such as medical equipment repair, sonography and the veterinary technician program, require more specialized learning and take two years to complete.

Whichever program a student chooses, career development assistance is offered during their time at MedQuest – and even beyond. “We often work with students who graduated a few years ago, who are ready for a new challenge,” said Boughey. “We have good relationships with employers and they are always looking for MedQuest graduates.” Reach out to a MedQuest College admissions advisor to see how health care can become your top career choice.