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Read on for teacher tips and tricks from MedQuest instructors on making the most of college

Going to college is a big adjustment for most students – whether they are right out of high school or have a few years of “life” behind them. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone – the faculty really want you to succeed and below are teacher tips and tricks to help you along the way.

MedQuest College President Bruce Kepley said you could see that in the way the instructors turned on a dime in 2020 to support students during a pandemic – and that devotion will continue even as life gets more normal.

“What I love most about MedQuest College are the people,” he said. “They’re resilient and incredibly adaptable. They want students to succeed.”

Teacher Tips: You are your biggest cheerleader

When it comes to your education, MedQuest College faculty and staff will be there with you at every turn, as often as they can. They’re with you to celebrate a great test score, to give you a high-five (or socially-distanced elbow bump!) upon passing a licensing exam and there to cheer you on for your first day on the job after graduation.

However, your professor can’t be with you for late evenings pouring over study materials. Your professor can’t be there when you make a lower score on a test than you thought you would (but they will be there to help with how to improve!) and your professor can’t take your tests for you.

“I think students have learned they have to take more initiative , especially during the pandemic and beyond,” said Jean Roberts, Director of the Lexington Sonography Program.

“While we are there for students, it’s more than that. Students can, and have had to, think outside of the box. Students can do more for themselves than they might think. I’ve loved watching students stretch and grow,” she added.

Teacher Tips: Think critically, practice flexibility

When it comes to education, think critically and remain flexible. Many MedQuest programs are 12 or 24 months of intensive education to prepare you for hands-on work in the field. It’s challenging, yes. But you will emerge a graduate, ready to take on challenges that arise.

“During the hard times, remember why you enrolled. That helps you avoid some of the exhaustion. Think back to why you made that initial phone call, visited the website, or scheduled a tour,” said April Hagans, Director of the Medical Assisting Program in Lexington.

“Sometimes after we start, we forget that piece of excitement. My advice to incoming students is – remember your purpose. Remember why you enrolled. Those will help you on those days when you’re tired. Always remember why you made your first step,” she added.

If you have a question or want to learn more about MedQuest College, reach out to an Admissions Advisor. It’s also easy to apply online.

Teacher Tips: We are always here to help

Your professors are professors because they love to interact with, teach to and work with students. Many of our faculty also work in the field and teach part-time.

Faculty and staff want you to succeed because it helps continue the field they love – the field they are helping you learn about and love, too.

Here’s a teacher tip from Nannette Mosser, Medical Assisting Program Director in Louisville. “Be sure to communicate with your instructors. We’re not here to push you from behind or drag you along, we’re here to walk with you on this journey,” she said.

“With communication, we can help you get to the next step and ensure you are successful. Remember your goals,” Nanette added.

The MedQuest College Mission:

The career training programs offered by MedQuest College are designed to prepare students for successful careers in the healthcare field. MedQuest College recognizes that skillful healthcare will have a positive influence on one’s overall well-being.

The college’s modern classrooms and clinical practicum areas provide students with a professional environment for learning theory and techniques taught by faculty who have years of experience working in their field. Students have access to experienced and dedicated faculty, a knowledgeable administrative staff, and equipment and supplies found in a professional setting.

MedQuest College provides quality training, which relates to the individual needs of students, thereby enhancing their ability to comprehend and gain proficiency in their field of study.