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There are many programs available – one is sure to be right for you!

When you think of a career in the healthcare field, you may first have images flashing of an emergency room technician or ambulance driver working long shifts and irregular hours, or maybe visions of a surgery technician handing scalpels to surgeons or a nurse working with patients in an oncology ward. Read on for an answer to “Which healthcare career is right for me?”

Those images might excite you – or give you pause! While all those things are certainly part of healthcare, there are aspects of healthcare and a health-related degree that you may not expect. Read on to see how position and degree paths may interest you.

Which healthcare career is right for me?

For the people person:

If you’re someone who enjoys interactions with others, both colleagues and the public, a degree in Practical Nursing or Dental Assisting would be ideal.

A Practical Nurse is a key part of any healthcare team. LPNs often work in conjunction with an Registered Nurse on patient care plans or they work independently providing essential care to sick or injured patients. LPNs provide support to RNs and doctors to ensure records are kept up-to-date, the communication between doctor and patient is clear and consistent, and educate the patients and their families to understand procedures and how to care for sick relatives.

Dental Assisting is another great option for a person who enjoys being with others and helping them assess and meet health needs. Graduates are trained to work in all types of dental offices, working alongside dentists and dental hygienists to perform a vast array of procedures. Duties often include front office work, communicating with patients and suppliers to assisting the dental hygienist and dentist with procedures and even surgery.

For the pet lover:

If you were someone who always tended to injured animals as a kid or volunteered at the animal shelter, a veterinary tech program may be right for you.

MedQuest’s Veterinary Technology program graduates provide day-to-day and emergency animal care under the supervision of a Veterinarian. Vet Techs play an important role in veterinary medicine from performing check-ups to assisting during surgery for small, large, and exotic animals.

For the person who likes technology:

A position in healthcare doesn’t always mean surgery, blood and a need for extended bedside care. Several areas in healthcare are more analytical and involve problem-solving.

A Medical Equipment Repair Technician is a major contributor to successful patient outcomes in healthcare by ensuring all life-saving medical equipment is working properly and efficiently at their most critical moments.  Technicians are responsible for performing maintenance and safety checks, keeping repair logs, calibrating equipment, and testing parts on machines such as electronic wheelchairs, surgical robots and nuclear imaging.

Medical Equipment Repair Techs are also responsible for reviewing training manuals and teaching medical professionals how to operate equipment. Though you may not be interested in the hands-on, patient interactions, much goes on behind the scenes to ensure doctors and nurses can effectively and safely help their patients.

Sonographers in MedQuest’s Sonography School use high-frequency waves to generate images of different organs and blood vessels inside the body.  As an imaging process, ultrasound has a very specific use by providing information that x-ray or other radiologic methods cannot.

The Cardiovascular Sonography program offered at MedQuest College provides students with the option to pursue an Associate Degree in Cardiac Sonography or Vascular Sonography. Images provided by the sonographer are used by the physician to diagnose and treat various conditions. Graduates are often analytical thinkers who valuate, track and monitor cardiac abnormalities and associated complications.

For the fast-paced person:

Comprehensive Medical Assistants are a vital part of any healthcare team providing direct patient care as well as support to physicians and other healthcare professionals. The Medical Assisting program provides students with hands-on instruction in fully operational clinical labs.

The extensive knowledge and skills learned throughout this program are utilized in many healthcare settings. As a Medical Assistant you will be responsible for all aspects of patient care from the moment they arrive in your office.

Medical assistants often set up and administer EKGs, draw blood and collect specimens, coordinate pharmacy prescriptions, take, confirm and record patient vitals and histories. This fast-paced career is also a great steppingstone to continued advancement in healthcare, often to an LPN, RN and beyond.

For the life-long learner:

For someone who loves to learn – it’s likely that any career path in healthcare may be right for you. Healthcare is an ever-growing, ever-changing field. Advances in technology and care happen daily and for someone who loves a challenge and change, healthcare may be a perfect fit.

If you have questions or want more information about financial aid, our faculty and staff, career services for students or about MedQuest College in general, reach out and request information or schedule your virtual tour. Let us help you answer the question, “Which healthcare career is right for me?”

MedQuest College

MedQuest College has provided high-quality instruction to students in Kentucky and Indiana since 1999. By providing the Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas with quality programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, diagnostic medical sonography, practical nursing, medical equipment repair technology and veterinary technology.

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