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First-generation college students are what the name suggests – the first in their families to attend college and be working toward a degree.

Nearly a third of students in the United States are first-gen college students.

MedQuest College aims to change those statistics, offering career training programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in the healthcare field.

All graduates take part in a professional development courses with the help of the Career Services Department and instructors and staff are excited to help students reach their potential.

Lifelong Career Assistance

Students that are the first to graduate from college often need more financial support and assistance finding well-paying jobs.

All graduates from MedQuest are required to participate in a professional development course during their program. Part of this coursework includes a resume writing workshop and interview training and preparation. Students also create a program-specific portfolio to share with job applications and participate in a mock interview.

However, student ties to MedQuest don’t end after throwing their grad caps. In addition to ongoing professional development courses, all graduates receive lifelong job placement assistance at no cost. MedQuest also offers tutoring and continuing education for all students during their programs and even after graduation.

Graduates will often need to perform a working interview as part of the application process for a healthcare provider. We frequently (and are happy to do so!) have one-on-one practices with instructors to help graduates prepare.

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Community Focused Students

Studies show that almost two-thirds of first-generation college students say they’d like to give back to their communities after they graduate, compared to only 43% of peers.

MedQuest helps those students give back from their first course. Students study together, learn together and grow together. That growth aided by community service and giving back to local organizations during school and beyond.

MedQuest College’s IMPACT program works with organizations like Toys for TotsSupplies Over Seas, the Dare to Care Food Bank, the American Red Cross and others. Students are also able work in tandem with the Student Services Coordinator to add other organizations to the IMPACT program if their favorite organization isn’t already included.

Faculty Focused on Mentorship

Only a quarter of first-generation college students reported having a mentor who encouraged them to reach their goals and potential and of those that noted a mentor, 64% of those indicated a professor was their mentor.

MedQuest programs offer intensive instruction that prepares graduates for successful, hands-on work in healthcare. Students are challenged each day, but graduates emerge stronger and ready to succeed in their new positions.

“During the hard times, remember why you enrolled. That helps you avoid some of the exhaustion. Think back to why you made that initial phone call, visited the website, or scheduled a tour,” said April Hagans, Director of the Medical Assisting Program in Lexington.

Faculty make sure to support students and help them retain the excitement from the day they enroll. “Remember your purpose. Remember why you enrolled. Those will help you on those days when you’re tired. Always remember why you made your first step,” April added.

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MedQuest College

The career training programs offered by MedQuest College are designed to prepare students for successful careers in the healthcare field. With increases in technology and the need for qualified workers, it’s no surprise that the fastest-growing healthcare jobs are in demand and pay well.

MedQuest College offers six programs to help students find their career pathway in medicine. Practical nursing, dental assisting and medical assisting can be completed in less than a year and put graduates to work in medical settings in just a few months. Medical equipment repairsonography and the veterinary technician program require more training and take two years to complete.

If you have questions or want more information about MedQuest faculty and staff, financial aidcareer services for students or want general information, click to request information or schedule your virtual tour. MedQuest College knows the importance of healthcare and we’re here to help.