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Are you interested in shaping the next generation of nurses? MedQuest College is excited about expanding its nursing program and that means we have an exciting job opening – that of Nursing Program Administrator. This position is the principal academic officer for the Practical Nursing program and will be leading our education and administrative matters at the Louisville campus. Click here to learn about the opening, including qualifications, duties and more.

Nursing Program Administrator

I know this is a great job, because I had it for three years! I recently became the Dean of Nursing, a new position that MedQuest created as we began expanding our nursing education offerings. 

When I was first hired, MedQuest was just launching its practical nursing program. I immediately noticed that MedQuest had a special atmosphere, one that was nurturing and supportive to both faculty and students. 

Sometimes people can be cynical about mission statements. Can one or two sentences really sum up what a place is about? At MedQuest College, the answer is yes! Our Mission Statement says it all: “We better lives by providing the most direct path to a great career in healthcare.”

That means that everything we do is filtered through that perspective. We want our students to get the skills they need, as quickly as possible, so they can get out there and start a rewarding career. 

A job where you can make a difference

I had come from a more corporate background, with lots of layers of management. Sometimes it felt like decisions were being made way over my head and I couldn’t influence what was happening. 

At MedQuest, it was different. I was able to talk directly to the people who were making decisions – I had input into those decisions. Instead of plans being pushed down from the top, it was almost like they were being driven from the ground up. Senior leadership was invested in what was best for everyone – especially the faculty and students. They wanted to set us up for success, making sure that we had the equipment, the supplies, the resources, the people that we needed!

It was a nice change of pace.

Helping students succeed in school – and in life

I made the deliberate choice to teach one class a semester because I didn’t want to lose contact with the students or what the classroom experience is like. We maintain small programs for a reason – we want to give students personal attention. I say that we are a little bit like parents in that we will give students a pat on the back at times, but we will also be “all up in their business” if we need to! That goes back to our mission – we are about improving lives by getting students on a direct path to a rewarding career. So we are going to do everything to hold them accountable and keep them on the path! 

Many of our students are nontraditional students and they have children or aging parents. Sometimes that means we need to be empathetic about the challenges they face – but we balance that with high expectations.  Employers are very satisfied with both the technical skills our students have, but also the “soft skills” – organization, leadership, critical thinking.  Because our students are often nontraditional, they are motivated! They know what they want and why they are there – because they want a career. It’s rewarding to help get them on the path!

Nursing Administrators directly impact the next generation of nurses

Sometimes people who enjoy teaching think they won’t like working in administration because they will miss those rewarding moments where you see young people really grow into the role they are preparing for. I do love that! But don’t discount the joy of being in a role where you get to initiate positive change for students, faculty and future employers! 

There are so many changes in healthcare. In the last year alone, so many protocols have changed! It’s a dynamic operation. I enjoy working in a role where I am able to positively affect the lives of students, staff and faculty – creating curriculum and building a team.

In a rapidly changing world, you are helping to shape the next generation of healthcare heroes, giving them the skills they need to adapt and grow. 

When I watch new nurses graduate, I am reminded that they may be caring for one of my loved ones very soon! That’s amazing to think about! I see that nurse entering a rewarding career. I think about the difference it will make for them, their families – and the patients they will care for. Ultimately, we have prepared them to be a blessing to the entire community! That’s why I love working at MedQuest! 

To learn more about the nursing administrator opening, please read the job description. You can apply here. 

This article was written by Melody Schweitzer, Dean of Nursing at MedQuest College.