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Spring Arrives at MedQuest College

Spring at MedQuest College is now upon us! We put together a list of the things we are anticipating this Spring. Whether you are enrolling in college for the first time or currently a student, this list is for you! The season of Spring is about growth and new life. It is a time of year when students talk about SAT and ACT scores. Many students are preparing to walk towards their diploma. At MedQuest College, our students are preparing for their graduation ceremony in May. What better time to celebrate growth? This is more than just Easter season. Springtime is the best time of the year to watch hard work blossom into something great. With that it mind, let us take a closer look at what Spring means at MedQuest College.

Starting Fresh

MedQuest College welcomes new students to our accelerated programs in Spring. Between our Lexington and Louisville campuses, MedQuest students begin courses in Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Phlebotomy and Billing and Coding. When starting a new class at MedQuest College, students immediately work with other goal-oriented students. Our experienced faculty work daily to create courses that positively impact students pursuing an education. Spring is about watching MedQuest students grow into their professional selves. New books are ordered and scrubs are worn for the first time. This is a great time of year to start shaping a healthcare career at MedQuest College.

Prepare for Graduation

It is no secret that Spring at MedQuest College is about graduation. In May, Lexington and Louisville students will celebrate graduation with family and friends. Our graduation ceremony is an event that marks the transition from student to young professional. During the ceremony, our faculty reflect on the history of their students who, in return, celebrate their favorite teachers. MedQuest College is proud every year to celebrate the accomplishments of its students. We are student centered educators. As such, we work every day to prepare students for the moment they accept their graduation certificates. Spring marks a time of year for celebrating everything MedQuest College stands for.

Reach Higher

Springtime at MedQuest College represents a time when students and teachers reach higher, in order to achieve their academic goals. This might mean offering extra tutoring or assisting classmates with difficult work. MedQuest College aims to exceed expectations with its allied healthcare programs. Part of our mission is to constantly innovate the way we educate students. We challenge the conventional using combined years of experience to provide the most direct path to a great career in allied healthcare. Furthermore, MedQuest College seeks to impart proven professional strategies that lead to career success. Our faculty and staff want every student to feel supported. We are a community of professionals, who work together – aiming higher every day.

Invest in The Future

MedQuest College views Spring as a time of year to empower future generations of healthcare workers. In our labs, instructors teach students using the latest hands-on techniques. The one-on-one instruction we provide to each student, ensures individual learning styles are respected. Successfully investing in the future means taking a thoughtful approach to growth in the present. At MedQuest College, we have various support and guidance systems in place to ensure our students are taken care of before and after graduation. For example, all MedQuest College graduates will have completed their interview prep courses to prepare for their next job search. Every MedQuest student meets with our Career Services Director prior to graduation in order to practice successful career building skills and resume writing. These are just some of the ways MedQuest College invests in the future of students.

No Pre-Requisite Courses

Don’t waste time this Spring with unnecessary pre-requisite courses. At MedQuest College we want you to grow into a career after taking only the courses you need. MedQuest College strives to provide accelerated advancement in our various allied health programs. There are no history courses or freshman seminars at MedQuest College. Our students take only the courses they need. Following lecture in the business classroom, our Dental Assisting students work hands-on in the dental lab taking x-rays and making molds. Our Biomedical Technology students learn circuitry and diagnostics in pursuit of a degree in Applied Science. In a nutshell, MedQuest college wants our students to maximize their growth using a streamlined approach. Skip taking hours of courses you don’t need this Spring. Step into MedQuest College and accelerate towards graduation.

Get to Work

Following Spring graduation, our students will be ready to work in allied healthcare. After working with our Career Services Director and Externship partners, MedQuest College students are ready to thrive in a healthcare career. Our Externship partners like Baptist Health, Norton, and Mortenson Family Dental make sure that our students graduate with the skills needed to land their first job in healthcare. During Spring, MedQuest College faculty are taking initiative and changing the way classrooms operate. Some instructors take their students outside to enjoy learning in the sunny weather. Other teachers practice technical skills until each student feels confident. In our Medical Assisting lab, students are working together to perfect their phlebotomy skills. Medical Assisting night students are working to shape their resume in order to land their next job. Spring is about getting to work at MedQuest. This season we vow to help sponsor growth and success by inspiring each other.

Now it is your turn to let us know what you are look forward to this Spring. In the comments section below, let us know what Spring means to you. At MedQuest College, we are looking forward to continued growth. We can not wait to work with current, new, and former students to create success in healthcare. If you are interested in studying at MedQuest College, request information on our website today. Make this Spring one to remember by enrolling in an allied healthcare program at our Lexington or Louisville campus.