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Whether you’re a student at MedQuest College right out of high school – or a student with a few years of life behind you, you won’t be alone. The faculty at MedQuest College will help you succeed.

Check out this recent piece by Robin Boughey, Executive Director at MedQuest College. Robin discusses how the pandemic has helped faculty and instructors become better educators as they came together to support students and further their education. At MedQuest College, we’ll help you do just that. Our instructors are with you every step of the way.

If you’re just beginning your educational journey – reach out to us for a virtual tour or for more information about MedQuest College. Click here for tips on how to choose the right program for you. We’ve rounded up top tips for how to be the best student.

It’s as easy as A – B – C:

Always prepare:

Organization is key. When it comes to making good habits, having a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Think about when you are most productive – is it right after work? Or after you’ve had dinner? Or maybe it’s first thing in the morning? Finding your study rhythm is important and will help maximize your time learning and be sure you retain information. Set a schedule and do your best to stick to it.

Create a study space. Whether that’s your kitchen table, a desk in a spare bedroom, your library or a quiet coffee shop – make yourself an area that you know you’ll feel comfortable in and want to go to. Avoid being near things that may distract you – the television, loud music, and even your phone – so you’re able to focus. Preparing your space for learning is as crucial as taking the time to study your material.

Be focused:

Study the right way. While this may sound obvious – there are right and wrong ways to digest and retain material. Rather than attempting to spend hours the day before a big exam cramming as much information in as possible – give your brain the chance to review material and break up studying into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Study in different ways. Utilize flashcards, practice tests, and review your notes and videos shared by your instructors. When it comes to how to be the best student – mixing up your methods will improve your chances for success.


Ask questions. When it comes to healthcare education, there’s a lot of material to cover. MedQuest offers degrees and diplomas in Medical Equipment Repair, Dental and Medical Assisting, Practical Nursing, Sonography, and Veterinary Technology.

No matter what program you’re in, the faculty wants you to succeed. Your professors are professors because they love to interact with, teach to, and work with students. Even if you choose to collaborate and study with other students, it can be incredibly helpful. Many of our students have study groups where they meet regularly to go over materials and prepare for upcoming exams.

MedQuest College

MedQuest College has provided high-quality instruction to students in Kentucky and Indiana since 1999. We offer quality programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, diagnostic medical sonography, practical nursing, medical equipment repair technology, and veterinary technology to the Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas.

We can proudly say that MedQuest College has successfully graduated and employed hundreds of students in various medical fields. Our campuses are in Louisville and Lexington. We are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), a nationally recognized accrediting body.